Give your pup the best, with Beneful!

Dogs are a mans best friend, for many their canine friends are more like family. Now ask yourself this: Would you feed your family, food products that contain ingredients that may harm them? Would you feed your family food that could end in fatality? If you answered no to any of the questions above then I recommend feeding your furry friend Beneful brand dog food. Beneful is loaded with everything your pet needs and none of the fillers that they don’t need. Beneful is one of the few companies that exclusively focuses on and produces food for dogs which include dry food, wet or canned food, as well as a wide variety of snacks. The Beneful Healthy Harvest product line, was added in June 2005, Healthy Harvest was the company’s first premium dry dog food to feature soy as the major source of protein (which is extremely important is a dogs diet) rather than meat. The Beneful Prepared Meals were developed by Petco in March 2006. With eight flavors in total, the line featured resealable, multipurpose packaging where the packages also served as a dog food bowl, making feeding your pooch that much more convenient. Beneful’s clever form of packaging was recognized with the Pack Expo Selects Award at the Showcase of Packaging Innovations in early 2000. It’s easy to see why Beneful is such a popular dog food and why Beneful is an internationally known product. If you are thinking about changing your pets diet, I highly recommend switching to Beneful, your pup will thank you!