Restore Your Hair Health

We have all seen the Youtube Ads, tv commercials and beauty blogs like that rave about a revolutionary hair care product called WEN. My favorite are the before and after images of the women who use the product, and the end results of how healthy and shiny their hair looks! I just did not understand how such extraordinary results could be possible, so I decided to do a little beauty blog research on the product and boy was I satisfied with my search results! Chaz Dean has developed a revolutionary product that truly changes the way we look at hair care product lines. WEN is guaranteed to be organic and only contains 5 natural products, so no wonder after each use hair looks unbelievably healthy! WEN by Chaz Dean boasts to replace all of your current hair products with only the WEN conditioner by Chaz Dean.
As if I was not already about to click the order button, I came across a blog post on Bustle that documented the beauty blog post writer’s 10 day journey while using WEN. As I scanned through the pictures of each day, I truly surprised at the results and I could not believe the change in her hair in just 10 short days. The beauty blogger raved about the softness and healthy shine of her new locks after using WEN by Chaz Dean. That was it! That was all I needed to order my own WEN by Chaz Dean haircare system, and I am not so patiently awaiting it’s arrival and the new healthy locks that are sure to follow!
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Does the No ‘Poo Trend Really Work?

The No ‘Poo trend began with anti-shampoo advocates. The movement really caught on when new kinds of hair cleansing products hit the market and offered a more moderate option that just tossing the shampoo bottle all together. One of the most popular new cleansing products is WEN, a 5-in-1 formula developed by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean.

Does the promise of red carpet worthy hair in a bottle really work? Bustle, a magazine for women by the Vice media family, sent their writer Emily McClure to find out. For one week she adhered to the Wen philosophy and bottle rules.

To properly use WEN, it needs to be used daily and in heavy amounts to coat the hair completely. Emily’s fine hair is not overwhelmed with the weight. Once styled, her friends remark how visibly shiny her hair is. When she showers at night, her hair is greasier than usual in the morning. The grease is the hair’s natural oils that are not cut and diminished by the shampooless formula. Oils will weigh down your hair and prevent bounce and volume if they are too heavy.

Tip: Shower in the morning for fresh and bouncy hair.

Emily’s one week study results… for her fine hair, Wen hair care kit from is a wonderful product to use right before it is styled. For your very own red carpet nights, use it to hydrate and add shine. Chaz Dean originally created WEN precisely for this purpose. In his many years of studying to understand what hair truly needs, he has been able to achieve the product needed for the No ‘Poo movement.

Dean began his career at a Bel-Air Salon and began working with high-end beauty product companies in development. As he attracted a loyal fan base for his unique approaches to cut and color, he opened his own salon. Now located in a secluded oasis in Hollywood, Chaz Dean Studio caters to his clients’ physical and metaphorical roots.