Habits of Successful Experts in the Investment Banking Industry

Investing banking is quite efficient and influential to the growth of the economy as it gives investors an opportunity to improve whatever business they are engaged in by growing their dividends in investment banks. Due to the significant role that this career plays in the community, investment bankers have much high revenue targets and work in an increasingly political environment. According to the most successful investment bankers, including Martin Lustgarten, it takes the below attributes to become a successful investment banker.
Staying Informed

As cheesy as it might sound, to be successful in the industry requires that you keep thinking about how they can add value in the course of any interactions with clients. The only way to achieve this is to stay informed more than any other supposed experts.

Taking Career Risks

Career paths of investment bankers are not always linear. Investment banking career opportunities often arise in different geographical locations and different industries. So, to be successful, one should be prepared to take the opportunities as they arise.

Remaining Consistent

The pressure to perform increases as one ascends the investment banking career ladder. A banker must be all set for greater scrutiny than ever. Randall Dillard, the former manager of investment banking at Nomura, observed in 2014 that managing directors of investment banks usually last approximately 18 months for various reasons. Martin Lustgarten associates this problem with the inability of professionals to remain productive consistently.

About Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is renowned investment banker with vast experience exchange of security and equity trades. This founder and CEO of Lustgarten Martin, an established investment banking firm in Florida, is widely known to be one of the best investment bankers in America. Lustgartenā€™s Florida-based company has set the finest success record and an outstanding reputation with their existing client base, consequently attracting and retaining more customers.

Martin is also an astute investor, making him an ideal role model for investors. He puts a substantial amount of effort in his work to get the best possible investment. Being an informed, disciplined investor allows Martin to grow his wealth quickly.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez; a Man on a Mission to Curb Corruption in Venezuela

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is both a businessman and a politician in Venezuela. As a businessman, he has invested heavily in the agricultural sector. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is gravely concerned about the state of food shortage in Venezuela after it was reported that the country had put a stop in producing 500,000 tons of rice and 300,000 tons of rice. The cease in food production has led to a failing economy and importation of food from abroad prompting him to blame the corrupt government.

Mr. Gonzalez claims the Venezuelan government largely ignored his input on how to solve issues on the failing agricultural sector. He claims that poor management employed by the government has led to the food shortage in the country. He further stressed that farmers in Venezuela are forced to export their product to neighboring countries such as Columbia to receive a fair market price for the goods.

Mr. Gonzalez has urged the state to reinstate private property rights, freedom, and justice to help spur economic growth. He warned that the populist movements that are advocating for a 50% wage rise would strain many companies especially the smaller ones in Venezuela leading to loss of many jobs. Mr. Gonzalez added that he would like to see action taken against the rising cases of kidnappers and extortionists in Venezuela.

Mr. Gonzalez is popular among the Venezuelan public. Despite being a successful businessman, he is believed to identify with the public’s frustrations, and thus they view him as Venezuela’s high hopes for the future. Mr. Gonzalez is always fighting for reforms against the corrupt and mismanaged government of Venezuela.


Mr. Gonzalez was born in a rural village in Venezuela but moved to Caracas, the capital city to pursue his education. He ventured into agriculture when he was young. He has worked with agricultural companies such as SGL Technic, Bridco, Thomas Pipe, AmericTraders and others.

Politically, he appointed as the head of Venezuelan Federation of Chambers of Commerce and the representative of the Goarico National Assembly where he serves as a governor. He currently enjoys the support of numerous political organizations believed to be over 20.

NYC Real Estate Projects That Are Exciting This Year

When it comes to NYC real estate, anything can happen. And it’s no different this year. Experts from around the city came together to offer a list of their must-watch deals:

East Midtown

This district is an older location. NYC real estate is fading here. The proposal just passed two years of review to freshen up the area.


TD Bank is the only tenant at this address. NYC real estate relies on heavy occupancy. Hopefully, they will pull through.

Liberty and Madison

With 800,000 feet being bought up, surely watch this project. NYC real estate won’t be the same after it’s built.

World Trade Center

You might not know that the WTC number two is in the works. That is thanks to the magnate Larry Silverstein.

The “Marseillaise”

This amazing piece of art runs for $200 million. It is going to be featured prominently, which is exciting for the city.

Harlem Blues

Douglast Durst has his eyes set on Harlem. In fact, he is betting on 1800 Park Avenue to do his bidding. However, if he wants to build here, he’ll have to deal with the ongoing issues.


The MTA wants to claim that the $4.5 billion they put to a new subway are well spent. The project is meant to extend line Q. However, city auditors have a different opinion. They think that perhaps something is going on, and that it won’t be finished until December.

About TOWN Residential

In five short years, just half a decade, TOWN Residential earned the name for the greatest luxury real estate company. They offer amazing customer service and friendly representatives. They are a crucial part of the New York real estate game. They offer a variety of services. These include selling luxury real estate, marketing, selling, and leasing properties for development, and dabbling in commercial and retail deals.

What is Kabbalah?

I’d like to share with you why you should considering following the Kabbalah. There is a lot that you could possibly gain from the wisdom of Kabbalah. The Kabbalist teach that our world was created and that we are all here to serve one sole purpose together under the intention of our Creator. The Cabelas believe that our Creator wants us to not only have complete fullness but also complete fulfillment within our lives. They believe that the entire creation of our world was truly for that sole purpose from our Creator. Therefore the individuals and the world of their lives.
In our physical world there are rules and these rules apply not only to the world but to us and behind us. In other words, we are forced to live according to these rules in order to survive. One example of one of these physical laws that we are forced to live by is the law or rule of gravity. We have learned from this rule that we are unsafe to do something like a jump off of a cliff or a tall building because we will be forced by gravity to go tumbling to the ground and likely end up either hurt or dead.

Just like with any believe or religion there is a place where people can go to learn about and study the Kabbalah. This place is known as the Kabbalah center international which is a nonprofit organization and is headquartered in LA. This center provides separate classes on the Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings which are also made available online at kaballah.com.

The Kabbalah has become very popular unloading celebrities for its holistic studies. Madonna helped to make the Kabbalah and the Kabbalah center very popular when she publicly subscribed to the teachings. Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Sandra Bernard, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, and Mick Jagger are just a few more examples of some of the celebrities that have decided to indulge in the teachings of the Kabbalah.

You can learn more about the teachings and the study of Kabbalah from the center itself and its many online courses. Simply go to their website to being your journey.

Jim Hunt Launches New Financial Product

Jim Hunt just launched something called Wealth Wave. He is an advisor at VTA Publications and an expert in investing. He says that anyone can take advantage of a down market and still profit. He compares it to the metaphor of riding out a wave in surfing. You catch the wave just right and then ride it all the way to success.

To Jim Hunt, it’s all in the timing. He says most people think that money disappears when the market crashes. However, this isn’t the case. Instead, the money is still actually in existence somewhere, it’s just been moved around.

Jim Hunt doesn’t think that people should feel scared about investing in a successful company or product just because they don’t know enough about the market. He has actually put easy to follow instructions in a DVD format, so that people can learn how to work their way through the market. While it is easy to understand with the format, they still offer handholding along every step of the way, because they want to make sure people can understand how the market works in general.

Wealth Wave’s secret is that it looks for certain warning signals in the market. These signals tell them that the market is about to crash again, then they can position themselves strategically against it. Facts show that investors who position correctly can become millionaires, and that could happen a lot in 2016 and 2017 as well for people who use this groundbreaking method.

The company publishes learning courses online that are non-fictional. They also have a catering arm that organizes and serves events for particular genres. Founded in 2012, they have thousands of satisfied customers around the globe now. VTA Publications wants to offer excellent customer service and information physically and digitally through courses and articles focused on economics and finance.

Their method is to seek out the experts of finance in particular fields globally. They only use people who have walked the walk and actually achieved the success about what they are teaching. They take this expertise and convert it to easily understandable content for their customers. Jim Hunt is a crucial part of this process. He helps customers on the phone and email to answer their questions. In addition, the firm acts as an agent to book events and seminars in the industry.

Lime Crime – The New WOW!

What a great make-up video! I love the fact that Leslie really stuck to what the video is about and showcased all of the different shades of Lime Crime that she has. She has such a great palette to test these colors on as well. So jealous of those full lips! I really had no clue that Lime Crime carried so many different shades of lip velvetines. It’s really got me thinking that I need to get on and order myself a few new ones!

My all time favorite velvetine is Teddy Bear; the Lilac Brown shade. I keep that color with me in my purse and used it on the run all the time. And if I happen to need a different shade later, then swapping out is no trouble. These Lime Crime velvetines do no stain the lips badly.

Lime Crime offers so many different shades; one of my favorite being their “2 Moods Duo”. You girls know what these days is like … this is the perfect shade for those days. A few of my other favorite:

Beat It
Red Velvet

This is just a small list of the many different rad shades they offer. They also have one brilliant lipstick, offered in shade “New Yolk City”. It is the most wonderful pastel shade of yellow you have ever laid your eyes on! I bet a box on brownies on it!

They also offer a brightly colored assortment of eyeliners and super foil eye colors. If you haven’t ventured out and stepped away from the basic black eye liner, then let me take your hand and lead the way. You must try their “Blue Milk” eyeliner! It has become my new favorite product for my eyes. Something about stepping on the wide side and doing something a little funky just makes a girl feel brand new.

And if you haven’t heard; valued customers, you are all little Unicorns in Doe Deere’s eyes. She is the created and vision behind everything that is wonderful about Lime Crush! And to think just a few years ago, Lime Crime was merely the name of a ebay account!