How To Push Down Bad Reviews

Are you dealing with negative online reviews and want to find a reliable way to get rid of them? Need to learn about online reputation management and how it can help you take control of how you are perceived online?

According to website, online reputation management can help you suppress negative reviews and push up positive content that makes people actually believe that you are credible. If you are an entrepreneurs, organization manager or corporate executive, it is imperative that you have a reputation management system to help you track conversations and address them appropriately.

When it comes to having a good reputation online, it is advisable to be prepare and have an efficient system in place. Reputation damage or related matters can occur at anytime, and people need to be prepared and have access to resources that help resolve them. When your online reputation suffers, you need to take steps to ensure that repair is done immediately so you can focus on your business and moving toward your goal.

Dealing with negative reviews or bad press can be a frustrating experience and it can have a devastating effect on your business. You need to consult with professionals who can handle it effectively for you, allowing you to focus on running your business.

A defamatory remark, or bad review, can certainly impede your chances of attracting customers to your company. Positive reviews are what every business person should aim for, and it is imperative to get as many as possible. The more favorable reviews you get, the more clients or customer you acquire and the more revenue you can generate for your organization.

There are many online reputation management firms out there providing a vast range of reputation management solutions to businesses and others that need it. What you need is a company that has a track record of providing satisfactory service to clients.

Reliable firms usually have access to the best resources to help manage online reputation for their clients, and they can track results without hassles. And their digital publishing platform is designed to their clients to promote positive content about their brand or their personal profile and suppress adverse content.


Town Residential Grows into Stunning New Office Space Near the High Line

Town Residential is a brokerage firm that is growing at a rapid pace. The company is only in its third year and is now opening its 10th office situated in Manhattan. The new office space is located relatively close to a story-high Park. The area boasts top quality and luxuriant tastes.


The booming brokerage firm has acquired the entire floor of the building the new office is located in. At 446 West 14th Street underneath the 16 foot ceilings lies the style that is the Town Residential brand. This brokerage specializes in high-end sales. The new space is meant to appeal to affluent clients and brokers alike. There is an outdoor private roof deck available where brokers can discuss matters with their clients. Town Residential chose the specific space because of how well it captures the brand and to further separate the company from its competitors.


Another company will be joining the ranks of Town Residential, boutique brokerage Thomas & Ingram. This brokerage focuses on mainly sales in the West Village. One of Town Residential’s office locations will be also taken into the fold and setting up shop at the new location. The Town Residential office set to relocate is the one located in West Village at 45 Horatio Street.


The area continues to grow more and more popular as a hub of one of the most chic neighborhoods. The founder of town residential Andrew Heiberger has stated that he views the whole West Side as one neighborhood with his office positioned in the middle of everything. The new office location is also a main entrance to the Highline. The staff at the new location will be working on covering the market from Tribeca to Hudson Yards. The company has chosen its new office location well and knows what their clients and prospects expect to see.


Town Residential is not new to having an office in a high-profile location. They previously opened an office at 33 Irving Place east of Union Square right on the ground floor. Another office location is at 530 Laguardia Place located in Greenwich Village. While Mr. Heiberger has not shared the specific details of the overhead of his new location, it is known that a typical office space located in the Meatpacking District can rise up to $90 per square foot or more. Conveniently enough, the landlord of the new office space is an investor of Town Residential, Thor Equities. This particular company is one of the main owners of the vast majority of retail space available in the entire city.

Advantages of Shared Office Spaces


One of the most significant changes coming to the professional landscape across United States is the increased amount of people that either work from home or are in a freelance position. While these positions provide people with a significant amount of flexibility and freedom, some may find that working by themselves on a daily basis and get very boring and make it hard to stay motivated. For those that are looking for a better option than working by themselves at home, a good option would be to consider a shared office space.


Working in a shared office space can provide a worker with a number of different advantages. One advantage is that it will provide a sense of community and accountability. When working in a shared office space you will get to know each other tenants of the space and will likely spend time discussing your work, goals, and even deadlines. Simply having this conversation will help you to feel more accountable, which will make you work harder and stay motivated to stay on task. You can also use the community members to act as sounding boards to get new and improved ideas.

Most shared office space provides free wireless Internet, typical office equipment, meeting room space, and 20 areas where you can work and get to know other people in the building, a huge plus for workers in Manhattan. WorkvilleNYC writes that this can help you be more efficient and spend less time figuring out how to get the resources you need to work effectively.


For those that live in New York City, Workville is a great shared office space option. Workville is a fully improved shared office space that provides tenants with many different amenities. Those that work in Workville will be able to take advantage of the wide open office space concept, the wide range of office equipment, and be several different outdoor and indoor lounge spaces. Many people also like Workville because of its convenient location in the center of Manhattan.

Hosteling International Announces Partnership With ReviewPro to Improve Guest Satisfaction

With the accommodation industry becoming more competitive every day, many businesses in the industry are turning to online reputation management firms to get a better idea of what people are saying about them online and to manage their brand’s overall reputation. A large number of travelers are now using websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor when deciding where they would be staying on their next trip. This includes people who are looking for alternatives to traditional hotels.
Hostels are preferred by many budget travelers, especially young people who are more likely to read online reviews before they decide on where they would be staying. While they may not demand luxurious accommodations, they still want to ensure that the establishment they select is clean, safe and provides amenities they would find useful, such as Wi-Fi Internet access.

This explains why Hostelling International, the largest network of youth hostels in the world, has recently teamed up with ReviewPro to give member hostels better tools to manage their online reputation. ReviewPro is a company in the online reputation management industry specializing in solutions for independent hotel brands and other accommodation providers.

With ReviewPro’s various guest intelligence tools, hostels will gain access to detailed analytics and can take action to improve overall guest satisfaction. Users of the ReviewPro platform can quickly see what is being said about their establishment on various review and social media websites. They will also get access to the Global Review Index, an online reputation score commonly used in the accommodation industry that is based on data collected from 175 websites. This score lets every establishment see how they’re doing when compared to competitors.

As a result of the partnership, hostels will also get access to the Guest Survey Solution provided by ReviewPro. This cloud-based service makes creating guest satisfaction surveys easy and gives hostel management a clear picture of what they’re doing right and what they could improve to make their guests happier. By implementing the right changes, hostels can get better rankings on popular review sites and thus increase their revenue by drawing in more guests.