Reputable Business Law Attorney In Brazil

Selecting the best business lawyer is a critically important step for any individual or business person involved in a legal dispute. When you need a good lawyer it is imperative to do your home work. You will want to look for a lawyer that comes highly recommended in the legal community.

A great business litigation lawyer will certainly have the ability to develop an effective strategy for the representation of his or her client. While the best legal representative or law firm can not guarantee a favorable end result, dealing with a highly qualified lawyer could make the legal procedure much less frightening and also easier to deal with.

In Brazil, there are many good lawyers that provide advice and legal representation to clients.

If you are dealing with business related issues, get in touch with Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho for the best results. Ricardo Tosto and his legal team have established a great reputation in the industry.

Attorneys are also aware of other lawyer’s trustworthiness in a particular practice field. They can often recommend other attorneys or law groups who can handle your specific case. Legal circles are small and most attorneys will know many other lawyers who specialize in the practice area for which you seek advice. Keep in mind, however, that attorneys frequently receive referral fees when they refer a case to another attorney which may influence their decision as to whom they recommend.

Ricardo Tosto is a popular litigation lawyer in Brazil, concentrating on corporate and also business litigation. Ricardo Tosto has actually handled complex business and corporate litigation for more 22 years, many of them involving multinational business, top-level executives and also big companies. His clients come from a wide variety of industries and have relied on his expertise to help them stay in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

A focused problem-solver and advisor, Ricardo Tosto understands that company objectives certainly determines legal techniques. Mr Ricardo Tosto takes pride in rendering reliable as well as effective legal solutions to help both organizations and individual clients achieve the success they desire.

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Chris Burch Knows How To Start Successful Companies

The fashion industry is one of the most exciting industries in the business world. The industry does not stand still based on what has been successful in the past. People in the fashion industry try to make new and different the next best thing. Success is measured by public reaction to fashion and sales numbers. This gives fashion designers a front seat view so that they can easily determine how successful their current fashion designs are in the market.


In the same way that the fashion industry is measured by public reaction and sales numbers, the technology industry has the same measures in place to help determine how well current technology products are performing in the market. The technology industry is filled with recent technology innovations that have helped to change the way many things in life are done on a daily basis. Many of these technology innovations are much different than anything that was brought to the market before. Different is often better in the technology industry.


In the same manner, different is looked at in a positive way in the fashion industry. Always striving to deliver the next great fashion design. Many fashion designers try new approaches to fashion and different concepts. Over the past few decades, one of the new approaches that some fashion designers have tried is using technology as a part of a fashion design. While some people may think that technology and fashion is an unlikely pairing, fashion designers have been successful with combining technology with fashion.


Both the fashion and technology industries benefit from the use of technology in fashion designs because the popularity of each industry helps to push the popularity of the fashion and technology combination. A business professional who knows first had about fashion and clothing is Chris Burch. As the primary executive in an apparel company that he owned, Chris Burch has a sense of what sells in the fashion industry.


Also, Chris Burch has a good understanding of the technology industry works because he started a successful company in the technology industry. A businessman with many talents and skills, Chris Burch has accomplished a lot in his professional career. He continues to make successful business moves as his investment portfolio increases in size and value. Respected inside and outside the business world for his many business accomplishments, Chris Burch is a man who understands how to make companies succeed and prosper.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Dominance in the Brazilian Law

One of the most prestigious areas of study in Brazil is Law. Law students graduate after five years. While at School of Law, the students gain all the knowledge necessary to pursue various careers in law, but they have to pass the Bar Association of Brazil examination.

Brazilian legislation borrows a lot from Portuguese, Italian, German and French Civil law. The Supreme law of the country is the Federal Constitution which has been in place since 1988. States have the freedom to develop their constitutions, but they cannot overlook the principles of the federal constitution.

Law in Brazil relates to the Roman-Germanic legal practices. The legal system comprises of statutes, though the 2004 Amendment to the Constitution introduced a different mechanism known as Súmula Vinculante. However, the Brazilian constitution bestows all powers of publishing laws to the Supreme Court. Therefore, smaller courts, judges, and public administration have to obey the interpretation of the law by the Supreme Court.

The Most prominent law firm in Brazil is Leite, Tosto, and Barros Advogados Associados. Ricardo Tosto and associates founded it in 1991. Its head office is in Sao Paulo Itaim Bibi, and it has two branch offices at Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira’s firm is the most prominent lawyers’ office, and it is considered the pacesetter and market leader in Brazil. The partners of the firm have mastered all matters regarding mass litigation. Clients believe in the lawyers due to their excellence in legal counsel services necessary for solving complicated cases.

Leite, Tosto, and Barros’s dedication, agility, and effectiveness are the key components that make the firm to stand out. The office also shines in white collar criminal litigation. The firm is currently advising in an international money laundering case that is going on at the Supreme Court.

The firm partners are in high demand in litigation for environmental cases. This assertion is evident in a case where they were the defense lawyers for a hydroelectric plant against civic activists who wanted the construction of the plant to be halted citing environmental hazards. The firm won the case, and the plant is still in operation. for more.

Josh Verne’s Ways of Business Success

Josh Verne is the founder and current Chief Executive Officer of This is a business conglomerate that has more than 10 million hits a month. For this reason, it forms one of the best places to advertise your business and brand. Josh is also the co-founder and co-president of This is an online business that allows employed people to purchase commodities on credit before their payment is deducted. For this reason, it has gained massive traction in the United States.


Josh Verne has more than 20 years of experience in starting, growing, and selling numerous companies and businesses. For this reason, he is one of the most experienced leaders. The companies have succeeded through his leadership and guidance. Therefore, he is here to guide us through the key points that make a young person come out and succeed in a business world.


  1. Be a leader, not a boss.

There are two management positions in a business set up. A leader and a boss. For the two, there is much dissimilarity than similarities. As a matter of fact, it is better to be a leader and not a boss. Success is determined through simple courses of actions that mean a lot. A manager uses his title and position to make people work for him. Therefore, he demands respect as a way to force his way through the people. Bosses do what I in their best interest always.


On the other hand, a leader influences people to carry out a course of action with the best intentions. Moreover, he does not force his will because he earns respect. Therefore, he puts his people ahead of him and uses the earned respect to making them achieve a common goal. In the end, they will celebrate a victory achieved together. For you to succeed in business, you must first become a leader. You should also never force your will onto other people. This is because they will not give it the passion necessary to succeed. For the leaders, they find a way to make them own the course of action. You will earn success if you put others before you.


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How Does Handy Help Homeowners Plan Events?

Homeowners in America are often too busy to clean their homes, and they leave the house every day without no plans to clean. They may visit Handy for assistance with event planning, and this article explains how the site helps when a customer must clean their home quickly. Handy is a place where every homeowner may request cleaning services, find their favorite cleaner and keep a professional relationship with a cleaner.

#1: Home Cleaning Is Often Immediate

House cleaners understand their customers come to their with a schedule in-mind, and each new customer may be in need of cleaning that must happen at once. House cleaners may clear their schedules for a quick cleaning, and they will arrive at the appointed for cleaning before a party or reunion.

#2: How Do Homeowners May For Party Preparation?

Handy has a secure online payment system that may be used by every customer for their payments, and they may schedule as many appointments with the cleaner as they like. Handy takes payments for each service, and they take into account extra charges added by the cleaner for special services. A homeowner will agree to a price with the cleaner, and the price is noted through Handy.

#3: Handy Simplifies The Process

House cleaners rarely have time to take payment, or they are in the house when homeowners are at work. They may be paid online for their work, and the homeowners come home to a clean house. Handy serves everyone with a system that a child may learn to use. Finding a new cleaner is quite simple, and cleaners find new customers by the handful.

Handy’s purpose in the American market is ensuring families take a task off their plate. House cleaning through Handy is affordable, easy to schedule and completed by professionals. For more info, visit


What Does Martin Lustgarten Think Is in Store for 2017 Investment Banking?

The world is looking at a number of important changes for the beginning of 2017. A new president in the United States, Brexit in the United Kingdom and some referendum results in the European Union. What does investment banker Martin Lustgarten Think Is in Store For 2017 Investment Banking?

“Is 2008 Over Yet?”

Some investors might have forgotten how 2016 started, already. Most of the major stock exchanges, around the world started down. In fact, for the Dow Jones, it was the worst January 10-day start to a year, ever. What was wrong?At the Davos economic summit, some economists compared the events to 2008. How were the two years related? Surely, the problems of 2008 had already been settled, years ago.Thankfully, the end of 2016 saw stock exchanges reach new highs. Certain pundits believe that the election of the new American president buoyed markets tremendously. Many, hope that these “good feelings” can continue into 2017.

“What Do People Want?”

Brexit led to a new leader in England. In December 2016, Italy selected a new prime minister. France is also preparing for elections in 2017. Thus, the world will have a number of new leaders for 2017. They will need to determine what the people want.In many ways, the public is quite divided on the future for the European Union. Nationalism is riding high and people wonder if there are still economic benefits to the union. The continent is still one of the largest industrial powerhouses in the world, but there have been few innovations or resolutions to important problems, facing the continent.

“Expert Helps You Prepare”

While England decided it was “time” to leave the European Union, other nations, such as Ukraine still want to join. How will this be settled? Investment banking expert Martin Lustgarten can help you navigate this storm.As an investment banker, Martin Lustgarten can explain the capital markets. He understands interest rates, national productivity and banking regulations. As the world prepares for political changes, finding a good expert to help you with your finances, is a wise move.

Todd Lubar is A Real Estate Success Story

There are many real estate success stories in the real estate industry. People have started in the real estate industry and became very successful over an extended time period. For anyone willing to put in the hours and learn about real estate, success is a possibility. In addition, the real estate industry has many areas that people can focus their attention and efforts on regarding real estate.

There are many opportunities that the real estate industry can provide to people that other business industries cannot provide as easily. Real estate is an industry that is perfect for people who do not mind hard work and a competitive environment. Many areas of the real estate industry revolve around sales and sales numbers. The better people are at producing results, the more success they can achieve in the numbers driven real estate industry. Sales numbers impact almost every area of the real estate industry from real estate agents to loan departments.

A real estate professional who has been able to make his real estate career a success story is Todd Lubar. As a real estate professional, Todd Lubar has achieved a lot in his professional career. Mr. Lubar began his real estate career in 1995 working with real estate loans. He learned as much as he could about the real estate loan process and what is needed concerning real estate loans from all aspects.

More importantly, he found excitement in working in the real estate industry. He enjoyed his role in the real estate loan process, and he wanted to pursue a career that centered on working with real estate loans. As Todd Lubar learned more about loans and the real estate industry as a whole, he was able to move onto other jobs in the loan area. Over the next decade, he was able to gain valuable knowledge regarding the real estate loan process.

Todd Lubar used the knowledge he learned over the previous decade regarding real estate and in particular real estate loans to start his own real estate companies. The real estate companies that Todd Lubar established are based on providing loan services for people looking to secure real estate loans.

Rockin Around the Wengie Tree!

If you’re looking for fun and creative DIY’s this Christmas season, hop on over to Wengie’s channel on Youtube. She suggests the cutest and craftiest DIY’s I’ve seen this season. Lets take a quick look into her video shall we? The first thing she mentions is a snow globe. Use any size mason jar, take a Christmas ornament and hot glue it to the top of the lid, throw in some fake snow, twist the cap on the jar, turn the jar upside down and then viola, you have your very own snow globe. Other creative ideas she has were how to make your own fake snow just by mixing shaving cream with baking soda until it forms into a snow like texture and you can play with it all you want. Also from cute marshmallow snowmen for your hot cocoa, to DIY sock cup warmers from those annoying Christmas socks that you want to put to more use besides just your feet right? Just take old socks, cut the bottom of the socks where the feet go, flip in inside out, sew the bottom together, wrap it around the cup, sew the corners of the socks together and then you have your very own sock cozi warmer. Wengie definitely made this Christmas a fun filled crafting experience to do with friends or loved ones.. To get started, just click the link and start the holiday festive DIY crafts and fun!

The Amazing History of Achievements of Brad Reifler

Brad Reifler has an in-depth knowledge and unsurpassed experience extending for more than thirty years in the financial service sector. He has established and held senior positions in leading financial institutions or companies. For instance, he founded the Forefront Capital Management and Pali Capital and served as the CEO of the two firms. Brad has thrived in the competitive financial world due to his ability to analyze the past and present trends and predict the future ones. He develops pragmatic strategies that allow his companies and business associates to outclass their competitors.

During his tenure as the CEO of Pali Capital, Brad Reifler dedicated most his time to analyzing industry data and then developing and implementing result-oriented strategies. At the end of his 13-year leadership, his sales team had accumulated a record $1 billion in commission income. This exemplary performance attracted the attention of multinational companies, and Brad became one of the highly sought financial experts.

Brad unveils Forefront Capital Management LLC

Brad Reifler founded Forefront Capital Management (FCM) in 2009. Currently, he serves as the CEO of the company and oversees its daily activities, as well as long-term growth plans. Under his strategic leadership, the company has established subsidiaries in other nations. FCM attracts leading investment bankers, talented business leaders, and seasoned investment advisors.

Early career

Brad Reifler launched his first entrepreneurial venture, Reifler Trading Corporation, in 1982. Once the corporation started making profits and registering immense growth, he sold it and focused on building his professional career. Brad was instrumental in the growth of the hedge fund industry. In 1995, he joined Refco Inc., and he was responsible for developing custom investments, global exchange, and global derivatives. Brad also served briefly as the director of Root Exchange and ITG Investment Research Inc.

Board Membership

Brad Reifler has built a strong connection with his businesses by serving on boards of leading companies. Brad has served as a board member of the European American Investment Research, Genesis Securities, and Foresight Research Solutions. He is also responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of Millbrook School by serving as its Trustee. Brad is an alumnus of the renowned Bowdoin College.

A Leader In Safety – Securus Technologies

A special company, Securus Technologies is doing wonderful things for the prisoners in correction facilities this holiday. They put in the video visitations, and they are working well. The prisoners also need to reach out during the holidays, and this way they can hear and see their families during Christmas. They can take part in the festivities, even though they can’t be there in person, and they can watch them open their gifts.


It is a special time at the holidays, and prisoners need to feel loved too. All during the month of the holiday, Securus Technologies will be airing commercials that allow the public to know more about the video visitations. The commercials will help people to understand more, and hopefully they will see the necessity for the video visitations. They create a much safer and joyous environment, and that reduces anxiety, which can be very bad inside correction facilities. Keeping everyone happy and calm is a must.


The company, Securus Technologies is always creating better technology to protect the safety of the people. They deal with the civil and criminal sectors of justice in an attempt to make the world a safer place. They are doing this on a regular basis. When people think of safety, they know that Securus is the leader in the industry. Making the world a safer place is what this company wants to do, and they are succeeding because of a great team that works diligently on every project that they receive.



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