Andrea McWilliams Always Puts Her Best Foot Forward:

When it comes to political consultants, Andrea McWilliams, is known, far and wide, to always put her “best foot forward.” Her reputation has earned her the trust of some very notable and powerful clients. Too: Andrea McWilliams, acts as the political adviser of these same powerful persons and entities. She listens, observes, designs a strategy; and then acts upon that strategy.

It is McWilliams’s organized, practical approach that provides her with a great deal of notice and a well-deserved strong business reputation. She is an astute consultant. She weighs all of the options: and then advises, accordingly. It is Andrea McWilliams decisiveness that provides a great deal of political impact to her community and the clients, which she provides political consultancy services.

Everyone who knows Andrea, knows they are dealing with a good business consultant. She is the brand of leader that advises; always taking into consideration, what she has observed, within the economic climate and political landscape. She is not one of those analysts who brand themselves as such: and then just aims and fires without a clue where the target is located. No: Andrea is never in the dark. She knows full well the political climate and can effect positive change for her very powerful and influential client-base. It is this type of business acumen that earns Andrea McWilliams’s business achievement awards, time-and-time again; and over the years.

She has been recognized by the Austin Chamber of Commerce, the local Girl Scouts’ organization, and many more. She is a welcome presence within the National Media. Andrea’s political activities have been profiled within news reporting agencies such as FOX News, ‘The Wall Street Journal’, and ‘Newsweek’–to name a few.

Andrea is a well regarded optimist and lobbyist. Her general reputation is highly touted and applauded. When it comes to political cleverness: McWilliams, it is true to say: Is never shy about: “stepping up to the plate,” on behalf of her influential client-base.


Blake Griffin Loves Yanni Hufnagel

NBA star Blake Griffin loves Yanni Hufnagel. Their time overlapped while Blake Griffin was a star at Oklahoma and Yanni Hufnagel was an assistant coach. The NBA star will tell anybody who listens that Yanni Hufnagel is a ball of energy. Blake Griffin gives the assistant coach a lot of credit, saying that he was always there for anything that he needed. If you showed up to the gym early or late for practice you are likely to see Lake Griffin practicing jump shots with the help of Yanni Hufnagel.


Yanni Hufnagel simply loves basketball. He’s loved it ever since he was playing with basketball figurines as a child. Unfortunately for the Jewish assistant coach, his basketball playing days ended in high school. He was cut from his varsity team forcing him to become the team’s announcer.


Undeterred, he was committed to making basketball his life. And he has done just that in a most impressive way. After his early days as an assistant coach at Oklahoma, he moved on to the Harvard Crimson Tide. Responsible for recruiting, he put together a team that went 79-24 and won its first Ivy League championship in the school’s history.


He moved on to become an assistant coach at Vanderbilt before adding to his resume at the University of California, Berkeley. At UC Berkeley, he put together in an impressive recruiting class that received top-five accolades. He is currently serving as an assistance at the University of Nevada, Reno. He is only 33 years old.


It is going to be really fun tracking the rest of his career. As we focus more on diversity, the game needs more Jewish participants. It looks like Yanni Hufnagel will become the next big Jewish name in high-level basketball. We are all waiting for the day when he takes over his own college program.


The Diverse Activism of Thor Halvorssen

Many people seem to be all too eager to describe themselves as an “activist” these days. It seems all it takes are a few keyboard strokes and a hashtag and poof, you’ve got yourself an activist badge. However, most people realize deep down that this, admirable though it might be, is not really rolling up one’s sleeves and getting down in the dirt. Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is one such person who takes his activism quite seriously, however, so much so that he has devoted the majority of his life to it. Thor Halvorssen LinkedIn.

For those who may not be familiar, Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan human rights advocate and the co-founder and current leader of the The Human Rights Foundation. His roots to the human rights advocacy movement run deep, given the fact that his family suffered severe repression under the auspices of Hugo Chaves’ socialist regime. His father was imprisoned in a prison in Caracas on false charges and his mother was shot (but survived) during a recall referendum protest in 2004. In part due to the injustices visited upon his family, Mr. Halvorssen regularly argues against totalitarian regimes, specifically socialist, authoritarian power structures. Halvorssen typically accomplishes his activism, not through street performance art or hash-tagging but through large internet broadcast lectures at all manner of institutions. In the late 90s he spoke at the floor of Lucent Technologies (a multination equipment company) with the topic of discussion focusing on the companies lax vetting of the companies utilization of Chinese man power, much of which, Halvorssen alleged, was slave labor.

But Mr. Halvorssen’s talents extend well beyond the political and corporate, for he is also a highly accomplished Hollywood producer. Halvorssen first ventured into the world of film in the early 2000s as a executive producer for several different political documentaries as a way to extend his activism to the big screen, but as the years have wore on Mr. Halvorssen has helped produce many works that have absolutely no political angle to them at all. He is currently working with the lauded director, Bryan Singer (House, M.D., X-Men 2, The Usual Suspects) on a modern day, big screen adaptation of the classic science fiction story novel, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein.

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Sleep Apnea Expert Avi Weisfogel Says Absenteesim Is Up These Days

Nearly one in two men, and one in four women, between the ages of 40 and 85 are said to be suffering from sleep apnea. Regardless the gender, one of the main consequences of sleep disruption is fatigue during the day, and the by-product is excessive absence from work.


Apneic people hardly ever reach the deep stages of sleep. They are tired and tend to fall asleep during the day. “These effects must be minimized because even worse, it affects your health,” says Avi Weisfogel. The byproducts of sleep apnea also include increasing the risk of falling asleep at the wheel and employees are less efficient in their daily tasks.


Why Sleep Is Crucial


During sleep, as you breathe in and out, oxygen is supplied to the body and carbon dioxide is released. However, sleep apnea disrupts this function and reduces the supply of oxygen while increasing the amount of carbon dioxide.”The heart is steady pumping away, and this organ must make great efforts to compensate for the lack of oxygen, which tires it out,” says Weisfogel. People who suffer from sleep apnea are thus three times more likely to have heart problems or strokes than others.


In many cases, sleep apnea goes undiagnosed because people don’t associate snoring with any problems, other than being tired. This syndrome affects a wide range of individuals, including those that are overweight, or have large tonsils, and some are predisposed to sleep apnea due to the size and position of the pharynx. Screening, diagnosis and management in a sleep medicine center are therefore important in determining the appropriate treatment for each patient to restore good quality sleep.


Sleep Expert


Sleep expert, Dr. Avi Weisfogel began his career as a New Jersey dentist, then began research into sleep disruption and how the dental industry could help with diagnosis and treatments. So central is the dental community to sleep apnea diagnosis, that Avi Weisfogel can be considered one of the most significant figures in the evolution of apneic management. Weisfogel founded Dental Sleep Masters, a consulting firm that demonstrates the rare understanding of screening, diagnosing and treating sleep apnea patients.


Today, Weisfogel leads research at his sleep lab, Healthy Heart Sleep, founded in 2010. His team collaborates with local physicians and dentists to establish a health and wellness regimen for patients that suffer with sleep disruptions, and Avi Weisfogel has become a key figure in research, development and solutions for sleep apnea patients.


Moving Forward for this Entrepreneur Means Increasing His Philanthropic Views and Sharing With Other Jewish-Americans

Adam Milstein is an entrepreneur of entrepreneurs, and all his businesses focus on supporting Israel and Jewish Americans by helping them to realize their traditional roots in Judaism. He and his family moved to the United States in 1981 from Haifa, Israel, so Adam could obtain more education. He immediately attended the University of Southern California and received an MBA in Entrepreneurship.


Today, in 2017, the Milsteins are proud to be leaders in the community by making Los Angeles and the United States more aware of the Jewish-American prescense in the country. Adam Milstein is a co-founder with his wife Gila, in the Milstein Family Foundation or MFF, and this agency acts as an umbrella company for many of the other agencies he founded.


These agencies include the Israeli-American Council and the L.A. Board of Birthright Israel. he sits on the Board of the Hasbara Fellowships, Israel on Campus Coalition, StandWithUs, AISH Los Angeles, AIPAC National Council and the Jewish Funders Network.


Adam and his wife also are co-founders of Sifriyat Pijama B’America, which is an organization that supplies books in Hebrew and teaches Jewish values to Israeli-Jewish-American families of the 21st century.


Hager Pacific Properties


Mr. Milstein received many career offers when he graduated in 1983, but he wanted to go out on his own into real estate because his father had been in the field too. Adam and his partner, Chris Hager, founded Hager Pacific Proeperties as a Real Estate Commercial Broker. The company was successful, and several years later, Mr. Milstien became a Real Estate Investor, which requires more responsibility and financial ventures.


Mr. Adam Milstein will tell you how much he enjoys the real estate industry because there is never a dull moment in the market. He works diligently in all his businesses, but he says that adding philanthropy to his day to day entrepreneurship with Hager Properties has made all the difference. He is more satisfied and fulfilled in all his roles as he gives of himself to his heritage. Mr. Milstein is moving forward and follows his own advice to be part of the solution.




Jeffry Schneider: A Successful Career That’s Just Getting Started

Ascendant Capital, LLC Founder and CEO, Jeffry Schneider, has enjoyed a long successful career, but he is only getting started. As a veteran of the financial services industry, with over 24 years of experience, he has built Ascendant from top-to-bottom as a company that started out with only two employees and that now has over thirty. Being a boutique investment firm that focuses on alternative investment opportunities, Ascendant serves investors world-wide and distributes strategies that help companies and individuals with the capital markets process. Educational and collateral material development, partnership terms, conditions, fund capacity, fund structuring, marketing positioning, and other expertise is offered to more than fifty broker dealers, countless family offices, and 250 investment advisors. The money raised helps to purchase real estate, tech companies, auto dealerships, and more and Ascendant has raised $1 billion, so far.

Before his success at Ascendant, Jeffry Schneider worked for a variety of law prestigious law firms including Alex Brown, Smith Barney, and Merrill Lynch. He also spent time with both Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors where he worked with alternative investment managers and gave them advise on how to best structure their investments. Jeffry received his Bachelor’s degree in science from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and always supported people’s desires to get a better education. His support for the Cherokee Home for Children has helped the kids there to have a better life and receive a proper education. Not only does the organization rescue children who come from broken homes, where abuse and neglect is a normal part of life, but it also supports their early education with The Cherokee Independent School District. The children there also have the choice to attend the college or university of their choosing after graduating high school.

Jeffry Schneider believes that to be the best version of yourself, you must take care of your health. To keep himself in the best shape, he can, he takes part in half ironman challenges that push him to his limits. These races also allow him to expand his cultural awareness as he travels all around the globe to participate and contact him.

Talk Fusion’s Boss Gives His Insights on the New Trends in Video Marketing

CEO Bob Reina of Talk Fusion, a global video marketing company, has published two guest articles on MarTech Advisors homepage in less than a year. The more recent of the two is Video Advertising Trends of 2017, which was a special request by MarTech and was published on February 21. In the article, Bob gave an in-depth analysis of the trends in video techniques and styles that were witnessed last year. He also discussed how the trends in 2016 would possibly impact on this year’s marketing realm. MarTech Advisors is among the most read and shared publication by CMOs.


Why People Should Embrace Video Marketing


Bob, who is also the major shareholder of Talk Fusion, was overjoyed to be given a platform by MarTech Advisors to share his vision and insights with its readers. Speaking after his article appeared in the publication, Bob said that time had come for people to embrace video as their marketing strategy.


Bob Reina is well known for his ability to analyze the market and develop the best video products for the consumers. According to him, the video is the most valuable asset an advertiser can ever have. He advised MarTech readers, especially those in the sales and marketing profession, to use video marketing’s growing popularity to their benefit. The award-winning video expert further revealed that there was still a lot of untapped potential in online video marketing. He, however, was quick to acknowledge that companies are beginning to accept video marketing world over.


A Million Expected Readers


Bob’s first article to be published by MarTech, Video Marketing Boosts Customer Engagement and Profits, was among the most read articles in 2016. His article this year is expected to have a bigger audience than the first, with over a million MarTech subscribers already reading it. Reina said that his wish was that he successfully convinces the readers to embrace video so that they can experience growth this year and in the future.


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion is a prestigious video marketing firm established in 2007 and with a presence in over 140 countries. The company stands out due to its committed and innovative team of experts. Under the wise management of CEO Bob Reina, Talk Fusion has made several award-winning video ads. Besides marketing, the firm involves itself with community work.


MB2 Dental Is Revolutionizing The Dental Care Industry

MB2 Dental is an organization that functions as a partnership for affiliated dentists. MB2 Dental provides affiliated offices with services that increase their efficiency without making them give up control of standards of care and patient care. Each clinic in the partnership retains its clinical autonomy. MB2 Dental assists dentists in focusing on providing the best care to their patients without being distracted by other issues. MB2 Dental is available in six states Texas, New Mexico, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Dr. Chris Villanueva founded MB2 Dental with the aim of giving sole practitioners and corporate dentists support in their practices. Dr. Villanueva, who is a practicing dentist, used his experience as both a dentist and business man to provide a service that gives tremendous value to dentists. Dentists love MB2 because it focusses on no strings attached assistance, personal growth, autonomy and fun.

Dr. Villanueva says he got the inspiration for creating MB2 Dental after graduating from medical school. Traditionally new dentists have two options either start a private practice or join large group practice. A solo practice gives a dentist 100 percent clinical autonomy and ownership while a large scale practice provides a dentist with economies of scale, CE availability, new tools and technology and shared best practices. Dr. Villanueva thought of a solution that would give dentists the best of both worlds. MB2 Dental has grown to have 533 employees and is used by over 70 affiliated practices.

Dr. Villanueva is American born in Ohio. He spent the majority of his childhood years abroad in South America and Asia. He graduated from a high school in Venezuela before coming back to the US for college. He got a degree in Microbiology from University of Florida before obtaining his DMD in Dentistry from Nova Southeastern University.

MB2 Dental’s management team is composed of professionals with vast experience in the dental industry. Justin Puckett, who is the president of MB2 Dental, has over 20 years’ experience in the dental industry. During his tenure as in the Dental Practice Management Company he spurred unprecedented growth in Texas’ dental industry. Mr. Puckett brings a unique blend of expertise in corporate law, finance and public accounting to MB2 Dental. Dr. Villanueva likes surrounding himself with people who are passionate about changing patient’s lives. Other members of the management team are the Justin Carroll, the Chief Operating Officer and Mark Fuller, the Chief Financial Officer.



White Shark Media: Pay Per Click Makes Your Business Grow

White Shark Media is widely known as a top PPC management firm, delivering outstanding results to clients. The company caters to small businesses and medium companies and is highly committed to their clients’ success. If you are looking for a way to drive targeted traffic to your website or offers, consider pay per click advertising management solutions offered by White Shark Media.


Companies run the gamut in their perspectives about Pay Per Click advertising: Some love it, some are unconvinced, and most are indifferent. But a very affordable PPC campaign managed by an expert agency like White Shark Media provides pretty much any business with a number of significant benefits.


Combining best practices with competitive management expenses, White Shark Media delivers local, national and global PPC projects that make their clients’ businesses grow.


Pay per click is a way to generate instant traffic, resulting to more sales leads and revenue. This is why most business owners and entrepreneurs invest in Pay Per Click to begin with, but continuous project improvement and expert tactical management are called for to improve clickthroughs and conversions over time. The well-qualified staff of PPC experts at White Shark Media knows how to accomplish this.


The advertising specialists at White Shark Media will learn more about your organization, your products or services and your company culture, in addition to your individual preferences, prior to crafting a campaign that properly communicates the originality and worth of your organization. And they will normally talk to you regularly throughout the campaign growth process, making certain that you are entirely pleased with the outcome or results you are getting.


When utilized correctly, an ad agency can save you tremendous amount of time and money. White Shark Media designed their service to save you time and money.


The Incredible Success of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier has achieved an amazing amount of success in an area where few other people have before him. You have probably heard of startups before. However, you might not know all of the details about what goes into creating one. Pulier has perfected the process of creating startups to the point where many people have tried to copy his methods. As you might expect, they have not had anywhere close to the success that Pulier has been able to achieve. How is he able to do it? What does he know that other brilliant people in the tech world do not? That is what everyone is trying to figure out.


Eric Pulier has made a name for himself by seemingly always knowing what the public wants. He then takes steps to give it to them. He assembles a talented team of people who are experts in the particular field that his new startup will be based in. Pulier believes that his selection of team members is vitally important to any startup project he is involved in. He has said on many occasions that a startup will be dead in the water if you do not have the right people running it. This is why he goes out of his way to select truly exceptional people who have a long history launching startups. This eliminates the need to teach people the basics of starting a new tech company.


Pulier was educated at Harvard where he majored in English literature. He has said that he probably would not have gone to college at all if he had found out about tech startups while he was in high school. He considers himself very lucky to have found a profession that he loves. He knows in his heart that this is the line of work he was destined to be involved in. Pulier now spends a great deal of time teaching other people all of the fundamentals of getting a new online business off the ground. He enjoys his role as a teacher. He said that he never had the luxury of someone teaching him.

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