Dr. Avi Weisfogel Educates Colleagues about Sleep Disorders

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the creator of the Dental Sleep Masters Model. He started his career as a dentist, earning his DDS from New York University College of Dentistry. He was a dentist in private practice for 15 years, before deciding to turn his attention to helping people with sleep disorders, by training other dentists. Dr. Avi Weisfogel helps dentists identify patients that could improve their lives with his model.

Avi has created several methods that can be built into a dental practice, expanding it to include a sleep medicine practice. He and his support staff can help dental practices set up business practices, screening methods and billing systems and more information click here.

Weisfogel learned about sleep disturbed breathing, while in medical school. He spent the time finding a way to diagnose and treat sleep disturbances, helping solve a disabling problem that many people suffer from. He has provided helpful strategies to dentists all across the country.

The disorder is being associated with metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart disease and other medical problems. Dental Sleep Masters has helped put the focus on the issue and developed a model to provide solutions that work. Dr. Weisfogel is dedicated to getting the word out to as many in the medical community as possible.

It is reported that 90 percent of people who suffer from sleep disorders, are undiagnosed. Many dentists and some physicians are getting involved with the program. It offers education and support with a business model that helps medical professionals add the treatment to their businesses. It also offers a high level of treatment to those suffering from sleep disorders and contact him.

More visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0BEWJeD5w8

Dr Clay Siegall and his Medical Involvement

Dr Clay Siegall has been continuously contributing to the ongoing fight against one of the worst diseases known to humankind – cancer. He has been conducting medical research for many years, seeking to help combat the silent killer.

Dr Clay Siegall received his education from the George Washington University and graduated with a PH. D. in Genetics. After that, he spent a few years conducting medical research at the Bristol – Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He was Senior Research Investigator at the Institute but was later offered the position of Principal Scientists which he accepted. After some years of contributing and showing his excellent skills as a leader, Dr Clay Siegall moved on from the Research Institute. He became a valuable part of the National Cancer Institute where he developed his research further under the position of Staff Fellow. And later as Biotechnology fellow.

In early 1998, Dr Clay Siegall decided to establish a research company that will be dedicated to the fight against cancer and further medical studies in the area. He founded Seattle Genetics which experienced great success and became the developer of the first ADCs which stands for antibody – drug conjugates. Seattle Genetics was also the developer of ADCETRIS® which is a brentuximab vedotin. This medication was approved by the FDA during 2011 and can be found in more than sixty countries. As a whole, Dr Clat Siegall is the owner of more than fifteen patents.

In 2013, Dr Clay Siegall received the coveted recognition os the University of Maryland. He was awarded the title of Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences. This title is given to doctors and scientists who have achieved great heights in their respective fields of practice and research.

Dr Clay Siegall has been very involved with taking care of his company. He fundraised more than two billion dollars to aid Seattle Genetics and to enable further research and drug development.

In his spare time, Dr Clay Siegall likes to catch up on the latest news from the worlds of science and medicine of any field. He shares the latest findings on his personal blog.


James Dondero Reveals Secrets to Success

James Dondero has recently revealed his secrets to success in the finance industry. Over the years, James has looked to carefully evaluate credit and debt based securities. This has allowed him to find the most profitable investment options available. During his stint at Highland Capital Management, Dondero has been able to build his firm into one of the most profitable in the world. Along with analyzing debt based securities, James has said that he is always looking for turnaround opportunities. These are situations where he will look for investment options that are not reaching expectations but have the potential to become highly profitable. This has helped Dondero generate high profits for his firm as well. The last thing that James revealed was that he always stays on top of the latest trends in the finance industry in order to look for profitable investment opportunities.


Dondero is the current president and co founder of the Dallas based investment firm Highland Capital Management. The firm specializes in debt and credit management securities. When James first co founded the firm, he started it up as a life insurance company. Over the course of the first few years, the firm emerged as a quality firm that became quite reputable in the insurance industry. While the firm was quite successful, James Dondero looked to expand it so that it can meet the needs of its growing client base. Over the course of the 1990’s decade, James would expand the firm to offer things such as financial advisory services, wealth management, asset management and also quality products such as hedge funds and private equity securities.


When James began his career, he worked as an employee. His first position was one as a credit analyst where he would evaluate credit based securities. Over the course of his career, he would advance to higher positions which gave him the opportunity to have more responsibility. The last position he held before starting up his own firm was as a chief investment officer. At this position he managed billions of dollars worth of funds for some of the top corporations such as American Express.



Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s Newest Technology

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® Partners with Allscripts and NantHealth to Launch Clinical Pathways, a Comprehensive and Custom Oncology Treatment Platform

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America recently accomplished a brand new addition to their company by partnering up with Allscrips and the Nanthealth to help create Clinical Pathways.

According to Wikipedia, Clinical Pathways is a brand new custom oncology and treatment platform meant to help patients and the physicians work together closely and efficiently. It’s the perfect system to use because it helps present all the appropriate treatment options for a certain patient. If there’s anything that they need to know about a patient and what they need or don’t need, it’s all explained in the system to help the physician find the right treatment. This can help patients review each treatment and find whats safe and efficient for them specifically.

As stated in this article, it was designed with the patient in mind. It integrates the cancer research available and locates therapies and even treatment regimens available. When the platform is working it does things like create custom regimens specific to the patient and their current state of health with the disease, compare treatment options and even the cost of execution, provide clinical data, and even gain access to the updated guidelines regarding what the patient may need the most.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a national network of five different hospitals to provide care and service to adults dealing with cancer. They offer an integrated approach to combine genomic testing, precision cancer treatment, chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy, among other services. They are among the best in the nation because of how well they find and locate new ways to help adults dealing with cancer. This new technology they created, Clinical Pathways, is the best thing that they have ever created to provide real results for patients.

For more info please for the Cancer Treatment centers of America on Twitter.

Lime Crimes Matte And Metallic Liquid Lipsticks

Back in 2008 Doe Deere released her first Lime Crime products and ever since they have been one of the top makeup companies in the world. They offer a wide range of unique products in fun and interesting colors. The matte velvetine lipstick collection is one of the most popular products they have to offer.


The matte velvetine liquid lipsticks are a unique lipstick that goes on glossy yet dries to a velvet finish. They are very smooth as well as long lasting. They will last for hours and are touch proof as well as kiss proof.


The velvetine liquid lipsticks are available in a wide range of fun and interesting colors. Some of the top colors include Teacup which is a gorgeous periwinkle blue shade as well as Pink Velvet which is a gorgeous bright pink shade. Some of the other top colors include their newest shade Scandal which is a deep plum shade as well as Red Rose which is a ruby red color that looks great on any skin tone. The matte velvetine liquid lipsticks are also available in a variety of other fun colors.


Aside from the matte velvetine lipstick shades Lime Crime also offers a variety of metallic velvetine lipstick shades. Some of the top metallic shades include Zenon which is a beautiful metallic gold,Vibe which is a metallic pink mauve shade as well as Red Hot which is a metallic red shade. Some of the other top metallic shades include Posh which is a metallic purple shade, Eclipse which is a metallic black red color as well as Blondie which is a beautiful rose gold tone that looks great on any skin tone.


These are just a few of the many gorgeous colors that the matte and metallic velvetine liquid lipsticks are available in. They are also available in many other great colors. They are available for purchase online as well as in a few select retail locations. Some of the top online sites to buy Lime Crime products is limecrime.com as well as amazon.com. Some of the top retail locations include Naimie’s Beauty Center and Urban Outfitters.

The Democrats Witnessed the Generous Hand of George Soros

After a stunt in funding politics in 2004, George Soros enthusiastically made a comeback to the politics arena as a supporter of the Democrats through funding. He devoted over 25 million dollars to the cause as trusted sources noted that he could give even more. According to his political adviser, Mr. Michael Vachon, George has been a constant supporter of the Democratic missions, including religious tolerance, criminal justice, and immigration reforms.

More Funding

At the end of June last year, George funded Priorities USA Action, an initiative that supported Hillary, with $7 million as recorded by FEC filings. The records also indicated $700,000 in funding to various Democratic Party’s committees as well as a $2 million donation to an opposition researcher, the American Bridge 21st Century. Voting Rights Trust, a non-profit organization that fought against voting restrictions by the conservatives, also benefited from a $5 million funding. Another $5 million beneficiary was Immigrant Voters Win that dedicated their efforts to sensitize voters to turn out in large numbers. Vachon also noted that George funded several other committees, such as America Votes, a group that mobilized voters, Planned Parenthood Votes, and the Senate Majority PAC.

George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

An excellent Incentive

George has enjoyed a friendship of over 25 years with Hillary Clinton, and only his return to active trading made him miss a Democratic convention where Hillary accepted her presidential nomination. His generous giving was viewed as a move that would encourage other activists to extend their hands. It also placed Hillary at a good position to hold her campaigns bravely as well as compete without fear against the Republican.


George Soros roots are in Hungary where he was born. He later left home and started doing menial jobs as a waiter and railway porter. With these jobs, he was able to finance his education at the prestigious London School of Economics. Soros landed a position in the financial sector, working at a merchant bank. In 1969, George Soros relocated to New York where he founded a hedge fund firm, which later assumed the name, Quantum Fund. George gathered vast wealth over the years and without a sign of slowing down, he has continued to make substantial investments through Soros Fund Management. The business boasts of owning assets worth over $30 billion currently.


After the 2004 funding, George retaliated from supporting politics and concentrated on philanthropy. He has given over $13 billion to non-profit organizations over the last 30 years. His main focus is on worldwide organizations that fight for human rights, support education, enhance easier access to health care, and define the democratic process in Europe. George also played a key role in the establishment of Democracy Alliance, a group meant for liberal donors.

Visit bigthink.com to know more about George Soros.

Equities First Holding Gives a Solution to the Financial Lending Through Their Use of the Stock-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is a leading company that offers alternative sources of finance o companies and high-net-worth individuals in the United States and other parts of the world. When the company was incepted in 2002, it saw more traction in the use of the loans in the United States. However, its traction slowly diminished. For his reason, they went on to realize that the use of stock-based loans in other parts of the world will yield more results. They developed a working strategy whereby people and companies can issue their stocks in exchange for the working capital. Therefore, they made through the market in that simple manner and more information click here.

The use of stock-based loans is one of the most innovative ways of securing fast working capital during an economic crisis. The financial crisis is characterized by banks increasing their qualification criteria for the credit-based loans. For this reason, you will do better business with the assurance of fast working capital. As a matter of fact, no one has a better management capability in this criterion. For this reason, you do better business through the working of stability rations. The company has gone through thick and thin to become one of the most adopted businesses in this capability. For the sake of stock-based loans, it is a trusted entity in development.

Since the company was incepted in 2002, it has worked to determine the future of the world. As a matter of fact, no one has better business management than any other entity in this world. Equities First Holdings has always stayed ahead of the rest to issue fast working capital. When it was incepted, it determined to become the sole loan provider using stocks as collateral, for this reason, they developed the use o stock-based loans as a way of increasing its intake during the harsh economic situation.

More visit: http://www.equitiesfirst.com/team

Thor Halvorssen’s Little Known Film Career

Though the globetrotting political activist Thor Halvorssen Mendoza primarily rose to fame through his actions with the Human Rights Foundation, a organization which he both founded and chairs, the Venezuelan anti-socialist advocate has also had nearly as successful career as a film producer. Mr. Halvorssen first got his foot in the door of the world of film back in 2006 with the energetic, erratic documentary, Hammer & Tickle. The film focused upon the usage of humor, specifically satire, during the brutal repression of the dictatorial Soviet Regime in Russia. Halvorssen produced the project and moved on to produce two other subsequent documentaries during the same year, those being Freedom’s Fury and The Singing Revolution. The latter filmed focused again upon the Soviet Union, specifically upon the Estonian occupation and how the Estonian people used songs to communicate potent and hopeful political messages as well as to criticize their oppressors without incurring the ire of the communists. The former film, Freedom’s Fury, focused upon the infamous Olympic polo “Blood Match” between Hungary and the USSR in the 1950’s where tensions ran so high that one of the Russian contestants violently attacked on of the Hungarian players after a losing streak.

Later, in 2007, Mr. Halvorssen produced the feature length film revolved around the lives of sugar cane farmers in the destitute Dominican Republic and how sordid and exploitative the trade as become and what people can do about it. That same year he also produced the documentary film, Indoctrinate U, which used the tagline, “Your education, their politics.” The film explores the ways that political correctness and unquestioning societal doctrine shape public education and suppress free speech and inquiry. Thor Halvorssen in Facebook .

Indoctrinate U is perhaps the most significant film in Mr. Halvorssen’s repertoire, not just for it’s potent and shocking documentation of some of the crazed ideas which are being funneled into the heads of American students (one professor, Noel Ignatiev, is recorded shouting, “Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity!”) but it is also a representation of the fact that though Thor Halvorssen often champion’s liberal causes, his fight against tyranny runs the gamut of the political spectrum.

https://www.crunchbase.com/person/thor-halvorssen#/entity for more.

Wealth Is Created Not Given

Timothy is the CEO of Capital Group Companies, one of the world’s leading investment firm based in Los Angeles. He became the chairman of the group on July 28, 2015.Timothy is also the chairman of the group Committee and Research and Management Company.

Armour graduated with a degree in Economics from the Middleburg College. Being an analyst, he worked in the group as an Equity investment analyst where he covered global telecommunications and other services in the U.S companies. Timothy has devoted his entire life career with the investment experience of 32 years all in the Capital group, where he began his career as a participant in The Associates Program.

Read more: Capital Group Parent Names Amour Chairman, Replacing Rothenberg

Timothy Armour advises the investors on how to make high returns on their investments. Having the investment experience for many years, he believes the global market is growing faster with rising interest rates and higher inflation. Timothy thinks that with the Trump’s government in place, the market may face turbulence with the new policies uncertainty. He points out the sector rotation, where some of the investments are taking off, and others like defensive types of investment have started to roll over. He advises about challenging the infallibility of some of the investment strategies for a better change in the market.

Timothy is an analyst who believes that wealth is created not given. He is committed to ensuring stable growth of Capital Group by indulging more in activities that secure other peoples’ investment as well as advising them on how and where to invest.

Watch YouTube for for more information about Timothy Armour.

Chris Burch View on Fashion and Technology

Christopher Burch is the CEO and the founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is an active investor in various industries and also the cofounder of the Luxury Fashion brand. He is a great marketer and also has a great power in branding. He works on financing services, hospitality, consumer products, and technology.

Burch has participated in more than 50 companies’ rise, by combining the concept of understanding consumer behaviour with direct sourcing and international experience. He has managed to keep a lot of records connecting innovations to their impact.

According to Chris Burch, technology and fashion are imperative things in the society. They both go hand in hand and grow together. Fashion becomes technologically fashionable, which means when one comes up with a certain fashion, and apply it to an already existing technology; it makes it look better or making its work easier. This results to fashion becoming popular. He also said that technology becomes fashionable when integrated with new designs.

The journey of technology is nonstop, technology keeps improving depending on what people considers fashionable. Considering the past, which is in the 70s, there was the invention of the boom box which allowed users to carry favourite tunes and stations around. There was also two cassette decks with one side playing music and the other recording from the other cassette. Moving to 80s, there was the invention of Walkman which made the experience of music more personal, and in the 90s it became even smaller with the iPod. Currently, fashion designers are diving deeper and deeper in technology, and end up coming up with many possibilities.

The future of the technology and fashion sector is so promising. Fashion is being used in the technology to protect individuals. Fr instance, there is the wearing of frontline gloves helping the firefighters to communicate using hand gestures to passing vital information. There is also the recycling of materials to create wonderful fashions like Segrasegra made jackets from recycled bicycle tubes. Tomorrow’s happiness can only come from both fashion and technology industry learning from each other to make the world a better place to live.


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