8 Victorian Touches to Transform Your Home

Bring a touch of Old World elegance into your home with a Victorian design. Featuring ornate pieces and rich fabrics, this 19th century style delivers waves of splendour and elegance to any space. Even if you’re not entirely keen on a full-blown Victorian house transformation, there are many things that you can do to achieve the desired effect without spending too much. Let’s take a look at some key features of the Victorian concept.


Installing Crown Mouldings



Ceiling moldings are a welcome addition to a Victorian-inspired room. Not only does it work to accent the upper walls of your home, it also provides you with enough decoration without seeming over-crowded and heavy. If your ceilings are not as tall, you can always dial back the details or stick to the panelling of your doors and windows instead.


Rich Patterned Fabrics


Although silk and velvet were common materials for curtains, you can always choose a less expensive version that’s also easier to clean. For chair cushions and other soft furnishings, floral prints are usually emphasised. Another available option if you’re not into floral designs is a geometric print or straight lines with gold accents.


An Ornate Fireplace



Heaters were obviously not available during that era, so most of the heating occurred in front of the fireplace. In addition to providing warmth, an elaborate mantelpiece is a must for showcasing ornaments and providing a decorative border for the key feature in the room.


Choose Subtle Shades


Soft and subdued tones are preferred. Not only does it provide a calming effect, it also works to soften hard edges and complement carved furniture. Lavender and greys are popular colours, but if you prefer a warmer tone, you can always try teal or a mustard colour.


Using Wallpaper



Wallpapers are effective method for showcasing patterns without going over your budget. A William Morris style wallpaper is a favourite as it usually highlights large floral and animal prints. Another wallpaper option is a fully-designed one that gives a wraparound effect to any room. It’ll definitely be the main feature in your home and is itself a decorative element that deserves to be clearly displayed.


Elaborately Carved Pieces


Hand-made pieces made by acclaimed craftsmen were highly sought after. Even till today, a custom-made piece is always more expensive as more personal care and thought is put into its design and finish. A piece of furnishing (e.g. side tables, chairs and mirrors) is instantly transformed with detailed carvings and embellishments. The more elaborate the design, the more it stands out as a feature.


Wooden Flooring



The use of parquet or mid-tone floorboards is another element of Victorian design. Its addition in your home creates a warm and long-lasting impression and is a milder representation of patterns in an otherwise detail-centric design.


You can also place a large rug or carpet in the centre of the room. Not only does it provide a soft touch, its placement is also great for showcasing just the right amount of flooring edge.


Rich Materials



Marble is just as popular today as it was during the Victorian era. Its glossy and highly-polished feature is definitely a heart stealer in many ways. These days, granite is commonly used to achieve a similar effect, but there’s also nothing wrong with investing in a marble counter top for an elegant touch. Stained glass and lace is another avenue for displaying ornate details. You don’t have to overdo it everywhere in your home, but you can choose to display some prominent features with these elements.


It might not be the easiest thing to incorporate Victorian-style elements in your home, but you can always mix-and-match to create a similar effect. You should slowly start to add elements and pieces to see what works and to understand what you can use to bring about a harmonious and elegant feel in your home.




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