Anthony Petrello, Alternative Energy Champion

Anthony Petrello champions finding and developing alternative energy sources. As a key executive in the NABORS organization, he works to bring geothermal energy and natural gas resources into wider use. Natural gas provides a valuable heating resource for many homes during the winter, and unlike oil heating systems, natural gas hearing systems are continuously supplied. Many countries are also considering natural gas as a safer alternative to nuclear power. Japan, for example, has decided to cease development of new nuclear power plants as a result of the Fukishima disaster.

Geothermal resources are another alternative energy source, and while there is a debate over whether or not some geothermal installations contribute to earthquakes, geothermal installations do not cause atmospheric pollution. Iceland, an island blessed with many geothermal energy sources, uses its hot spring and volcanic activity to provide almost all its heating and cooling needs. Unlike wind or solar power, which can provide different power levels throughout the day, geothermal power provides a constant source of energy.

Petrello brings decades of executive experience from his earlier posts. He served as a director for the Texas Children’s Hospital and as a director and member of the executive committee for Stewart and Stevenson. He looks forward to bringing his experience and his new ideas to the natural gas and geothermal industries. He can see many exciting opportunities ahead of the industry as new technologies continue to emerge. NABORS, its partners, and countries around the world are ready to embark on a new adventure.

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