How the ClassDojo Experience Has Become So Important in the School System

A lot of people are interested in doing a lot for education. This is a company that has become very prevalent in helping parents when it comes to much better communication between the parents. It is easy for parents to get so wrapped up in the work that they become too busy to reach out to the teachers. The great thing about having an app like ClassDojo is that gives teachers the chance to reach out to parents.

It has never been easier for parents to stay connected to their kids and get access to what is going in in the school system. ClassDojo is the app that has made it possible for so many teachers to send out messages and communicate with the teachers. It makes sense for people to stay connected with what the teachers are saying because parents can help their children work on areas that they are struggling in.

This is a company that has raised as much as $21 million in venture funding. It has become one of the best apps in education from Silicon Valley, and it has managed to attract users on a global scale. It has been reported that ClassDojo is used in 2/3 of all schools. This is what has made more people pay attention to this type of software program. Teachers are connect and actually speak with parents without giving out their personal cell phone numbers.

Communication has never been easier for parents, students and teachers. Now that ClassDojo is being used in 180 countries there are going to be a lot more people checking out the new features that this company has to offer. There are features like “student stories” that are going to be utilized to give parents even more of a glimpse into the classroom.


ClassDojo Makes Teacher And Parent Communication Easier

Technology has become a huge part of many schools over the past decade. The use of technology has helped to improve the level of education in classrooms for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is because technology has allowed students to go beyond what they can learn in the classroom. Technology has made the reach of education for students almost limitless.


Technology such as the Internet combined with the use of technology such as WiFi, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices has allowed teachers to use technology in the classroom in a manner that gives teachers total control over educational instruction. While technology has become an integral part of many classrooms in schools, there are aspects of schools that do not utilize technology or use it sparingly.


One of these areas is the communication between teachers and parents. Over the years, teacher and parent conferences have been the main way that communication has been conducted between teachers and parents. The conferences are useful and important because the conferences give both teachers and parents the opportunity to discuss the education of students.


Technology has been lacking in the teacher and parent communication because few technology companies provide options to schools to help with this particular communication need. However, ClassDojo has developed an app that many teachers across the country are using in classrooms to help with a variety of classroom related activities.


The app developed by ClassDojo has received high praise from many teachers who use the app. One of the features of the app that teachers are using as an alternative to traditional teacher and parent conferences is the teacher and parent communication feature. With the app, teachers or parents can communicate at anytime.


ClassDojo has made many enhancements to its app. Recently ClassDojo raised 21 millions dollars to use concerning enhancements to the app and the app network platform.