Jim Tananbaum Healthcare Investment Strategies

Dr. Jim Tananbaum is the founder at Foresite Capital Management where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Jim has greatly invested in over 20 healthcare companies that include Amira Pharmaceuticals, Jazz Pharmaceuticals, and Amerigroup. On the other hand, Dr. Jim served as the Chief Executive Officer at Theravance and his other renowned company, GelTex Pharmaceuticals.


Dr. Jim studied at Harvard where he received an M.D from the medical school. Further, Dr. Jim enrolled at Yale University where he received B.S and B.S.E.E. His role in various advisory boards while at Harvard-MIT HST program was profound. Equally, Dr. Jim served as a senior staff at Yale University School of Engineering. In 2011 Jim Tananbaum established Foresite Capital with the core intention of identifying health care practitioners. This move aimed to enhance profitability by extending their network, relaying relevant information, and supplying capital resources.


In the interview with Business Wire, Jim Tananbaum revealed that the idea behind Foresite Capital came from his 25 years of experience in healthcare. Through technology and his able team, Jim settled to further his passion as an entrepreneur in healthcare and other strategic investments. Additionally, he was later prompted to offer innovative technology among other solutions in solving various challenges in the healthcare sector. Foresite Capital has since widened its scope of operation and partners with other companies that deal with medical services, genomic sequencing, biopharmaceuticals, and diagnostics. Visit Bloomberg to know more.


Teamwork is crucial in Dr. Jim’s daily routines. He also spends most of his time coming up with new company strategies and networking with his clients. Most important, Dr. Tananbaum spends quality time with his family members having dinner. He cites technology as one of the powerful tools of providing solutions to emerging challenges in healthcare. Science plays a crucial role in genomic sequencing and drug development among other areas.


Similarly, Dr. Jim Tananbaum finds most of his solutions through progressive learning besides his commitment and persistence. He advocates for people to believe in themselves and be ready to take risks in situations of interest. Finally, Dr. Jim notes that critical thinking is important in propelling any idea into a significant investment regardless of business dynamics. You can search him on Google for more details.


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Bernardo Chua is a Man of Vision

Bernardo Chua is a business success. He began as a small time employee in a company in the Philippines but can now boast of being the head of an international company that operates on multiple levels.

In building his beverage company Organo Gold he has applied his own individual business approaches while helping others succeed as well. His story begins as an employee of Gano Excel in the Philippines. In 2003 Bernie came to the United States to manage Gano Excel USA.

Mr. Chua began his own startup company, Organo Gold, in 2008. Organo Gold is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, in Canada. It has grown rapidly from the starting position of three employees to a global company that has thousands of employees and independent distributors. Thirty-five countries have Organo Gold representatives.

Both Gano Excel and Organo Gold focus around the herb ganoderma lucidium. His unique vision is to offer this herb as an ingredient to health conscious coffee and tea drinkers. One measure of his success is the fact that he has been chosen as the Direct Sales Company Executive multiple times.

Other ways he has been recognized include receiving Dangal ng Bayan awards in 2014 and 2015. These awards recognize the best Filipino products and the business people who promote them while encouraging young Filipinos to strive for excellence and success.

Bernardo Chua and his company are the backbone of OG Cares Foundation. This is an organization focused on motivating young men and women worldwide to be better leaders. He offers mentoring and motivational speeches to inspire young people to have a large impact on a global scale by hard work and determination and good planning.

Bernardo Chua is a business success story. It was his vision to succeed as a young man that fueled his hard work. He combined determination with a keen business sense to make his vision a reality. This is the same concept that today’s young business people need to be driven by. That will be the way that they arrive at success like that of Bernard Chua and his dream, Organo Gold.