Equities First Holding Gives a Solution to the Financial Lending Through Their Use of the Stock-Based Loans

Equities First Holdings is a leading company that offers alternative sources of finance o companies and high-net-worth individuals in the United States and other parts of the world. When the company was incepted in 2002, it saw more traction in the use of the loans in the United States. However, its traction slowly diminished. For his reason, they went on to realize that the use of stock-based loans in other parts of the world will yield more results. They developed a working strategy whereby people and companies can issue their stocks in exchange for the working capital. Therefore, they made through the market in that simple manner and more information click here.

The use of stock-based loans is one of the most innovative ways of securing fast working capital during an economic crisis. The financial crisis is characterized by banks increasing their qualification criteria for the credit-based loans. For this reason, you will do better business with the assurance of fast working capital. As a matter of fact, no one has a better management capability in this criterion. For this reason, you do better business through the working of stability rations. The company has gone through thick and thin to become one of the most adopted businesses in this capability. For the sake of stock-based loans, it is a trusted entity in development.

Since the company was incepted in 2002, it has worked to determine the future of the world. As a matter of fact, no one has better business management than any other entity in this world. Equities First Holdings has always stayed ahead of the rest to issue fast working capital. When it was incepted, it determined to become the sole loan provider using stocks as collateral, for this reason, they developed the use o stock-based loans as a way of increasing its intake during the harsh economic situation.

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Navigate Your Finances In Uncertain Times With A Distance Learning Course

Jim Hunt is popular for his VTA Publications course that shows his clients how to successfully navigate the stock market. Hunt admits that a lot of people don’t make wise decisions about their finances that leads to depleting or troubled finances. He teaches you how to make smart decisions, when, and where to invest. Thousands of people around the world trust the precise accuracy of Hunt’s stock market advise on dumbfounded.com. In fact, he suggests that you utilize his techniques if you’re really serious about transforming your finances. You can start your own business and generate a cash flow that will pioneer you to success.

Hunt is a successful financial analyst and CEO of the VTA Publications distance learning course. He offers tuition assistance for the ones that can’t afford his course. Recently, PRN Newswire did an article on his weekly analysis that is meant to address the uncertain finances that plague the economic system. A lot of people are unsure about when to invest their money and are reluctant to plan for their retirement. He gives you confidence in taking the first steps towards your financial freedom on ideamensch.com. He teaches you how to appreciate a value of a dollar and invest in in smart stocks and financial strategies.

You can also visit his YouTube channel for advice on actual stocks at that time. Hunt invests his own money and gives his clients the results directly from his YouTube channel. Jim Hunt also made his mum a tax free millionaire in under ten trades and was able to pass this secret on to his clients. He was successful in his endeavor and wants his clients to get the secrets that the big banks don’t want you to know. He teaches his clients how to gain wealth and live a Fortune 500 lifestyle at http://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/jim-hunt-of-vta-publications-vows-to-make-mum-a-millionaire-in-just-10-trades-589777581.html.

You can learn more about his course through the VTA Publications website. They give you the opportunity to browse their courses and programs. Jim Hunt has established over 5,600+ financial strategies on VTA Publications that are guaranteed to improve his customers wealth. You will find that being your own boss is not as hard as your naysayer’s made it out to be.

NYC Real Estate Projects That Are Exciting This Year

When it comes to NYC real estate, anything can happen. And it’s no different this year. Experts from around the city came together to offer a list of their must-watch deals:

East Midtown

This district is an older location. NYC real estate is fading here. The proposal just passed two years of review to freshen up the area.


TD Bank is the only tenant at this address. NYC real estate relies on heavy occupancy. Hopefully, they will pull through.

Liberty and Madison

With 800,000 feet being bought up, surely watch this project. NYC real estate won’t be the same after it’s built.

World Trade Center

You might not know that the WTC number two is in the works. That is thanks to the magnate Larry Silverstein.

The “Marseillaise”

This amazing piece of art runs for $200 million. It is going to be featured prominently, which is exciting for the city.

Harlem Blues

Douglast Durst has his eyes set on Harlem. In fact, he is betting on 1800 Park Avenue to do his bidding. However, if he wants to build here, he’ll have to deal with the ongoing issues.


The MTA wants to claim that the $4.5 billion they put to a new subway are well spent. The project is meant to extend line Q. However, city auditors have a different opinion. They think that perhaps something is going on, and that it won’t be finished until December.

About TOWN Residential

In five short years, just half a decade, TOWN Residential earned the name for the greatest luxury real estate company. They offer amazing customer service and friendly representatives. They are a crucial part of the New York real estate game. They offer a variety of services. These include selling luxury real estate, marketing, selling, and leasing properties for development, and dabbling in commercial and retail deals.

Jim Hunt Launches New Financial Product

Jim Hunt just launched something called Wealth Wave. He is an advisor at VTA Publications and an expert in investing. He says that anyone can take advantage of a down market and still profit. He compares it to the metaphor of riding out a wave in surfing. You catch the wave just right and then ride it all the way to success.

To Jim Hunt, it’s all in the timing. He says most people think that money disappears when the market crashes. However, this isn’t the case. Instead, the money is still actually in existence somewhere, it’s just been moved around.

Jim Hunt doesn’t think that people should feel scared about investing in a successful company or product just because they don’t know enough about the market. He has actually put easy to follow instructions in a DVD format, so that people can learn how to work their way through the market. While it is easy to understand with the format, they still offer handholding along every step of the way, because they want to make sure people can understand how the market works in general.

Wealth Wave’s secret is that it looks for certain warning signals in the market. These signals tell them that the market is about to crash again, then they can position themselves strategically against it. Facts show that investors who position correctly can become millionaires, and that could happen a lot in 2016 and 2017 as well for people who use this groundbreaking method.

The company publishes learning courses online that are non-fictional. They also have a catering arm that organizes and serves events for particular genres. Founded in 2012, they have thousands of satisfied customers around the globe now. VTA Publications wants to offer excellent customer service and information physically and digitally through courses and articles focused on economics and finance.

Their method is to seek out the experts of finance in particular fields globally. They only use people who have walked the walk and actually achieved the success about what they are teaching. They take this expertise and convert it to easily understandable content for their customers. Jim Hunt is a crucial part of this process. He helps customers on the phone and email to answer their questions. In addition, the firm acts as an agent to book events and seminars in the industry.

George Soros Describes How Current Market Similar to 2008

At a recent economic conference in Columbo Sri Lanka, billionaire hedge fund owner George Soros told attendees the current markets reminded him of 2008.

The markets are facing a crisis on nybooks.com, Soros told the conference, and therefore needed to be careful.

China is struggling to find a new way to grow its economy and build wealth for its people. As the world’s second largest economy, it can no longer depend just on exporting cheaply manufactured goods to other countries. By letting its currency the yuan weaken in relation to other currencies, it was transferring its problems to the rest of the world.

China’s economy is shifting toward letting its people consume goods and provide services to the rest of the world and to other Chinese people. This is a step away from its old model of depending upon its people to labor for low wages to build the country’s manufacturing sector and investment in supporting infrastructure. Under that system, a small percentage of its citizens got wealthy for manufacturing cheap products for the developed world such as the United States, Japan and Europe, but almost everybody else remained relatively poor. Now ordinary Chinese people are more educated. They wish to share more in the economic boom in their country. The ruling Communist Party knows they must continue to supply almost everybody with jobs to prevent political and social unrest.

As the yuan weakened in value, so too did China’s stock market fall, which triggered other bear markets throughout the stock and commodity markets of the world, wiping out $2.5 trillion of value. 

Although Chinese authority are pumping hundreds of billions of dollars into its economy and the People’s Bank of China cut interest rates to record lows, the manufacturing sector remained slow and weak. 

Therefore, measures of volatile are way up. That include the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index (VIX), which has risen 13 percent just this year.

George Soros’s hedge fund has been making money for over 40 years. Even before becoming known to the public at large, he was well-known to financial traders. After winning a number of high-profile trades, Soros began funding organizations seeking political freedom in the old Union of Socialist Soviet Republics and its client states in Eastern Europe. George Soros helped encourage the underground movement of dissidents that eventually resulted in the overthrow of all those Communist governments and the pulling down of the Berlin Wall. 

Therefore, is ironic and sad that late in 2015 the government of Russia declared his pro-democracy charities, the Open Society Foundations (OSF) and the Open Society Institute (OSI) “undesirable.” Allegedly they represent a threat to the security of the Russian State, Russia’s General Prosecutor’s Office announced. In his home country of Hungary, his charities were accused of supporting illegal immigration.

Women in the Business World that Set Goals

When you look at women in the business world you can tell that they are not some fly-by-night operation that stumbled on executive leadership roles. To the contrary, these are women that are making plans and doing what it takes to show their skills.

I have seen these women rise, and I know that the playing field for female executives is a tough one. I would encourage just about anyone that wants to become a leader to really access the business world and set goals to get to where you want to be. I am checking out colleges and different fields of study to get myself equipped with the knowledge that I need in order to become an effective leader.

I researched the corporate climb that Susan McGalla has made through the years, and I see that this was not an overnight success. She is an industry leader when it comes to branding right now, but that has not always been her role in corporate America. There was definitely a time where she was able to pursue other things and build her resume – and her confidence – as she grew into the CEO. With her time as Chief Merchandising Officer she was one of the best in the industry for American Eagle. The stock price was rising and people were buying to this brand. She would find herself rising even higher to the CEO role and making the company even more money over the years.

Believing in yourself is a good start, but I have found that this is only one piece of the puzzle. I look to people like Susan McGalla of susanmcgalla.com for encouragement and inspiration. She lets me know that hard work and motivation will pay off, but I am not trying to emulate her down to the wire. She is a retail branding expert. I have a path and passion for Information Technology. I would like to become a consultant and CEO for a Fortune 500 company like Oracle or Google. I can be motivated by Susan McGalla, but I know that I cannot follow her path. She has already done that work and lived that life. I have to set out my own goals for accomplishing my own dreams. I recognize this and more women can rise to the top when they look at the corporate world from this perspective.

There isn’t anything that is easy about this. Life can be a real drag if no goals are being set. Some people wonder around aimlessly looking for a chance to move up without putting in the work. They may have the skills, but without goal setting they don’t have the mind frame. Susan McGalla has emphasized that the college education was her cornerstone to success so attending goal is my first goal.