Lime Crimes Matte And Metallic Liquid Lipsticks

Back in 2008 Doe Deere released her first Lime Crime products and ever since they have been one of the top makeup companies in the world. They offer a wide range of unique products in fun and interesting colors. The matte velvetine lipstick collection is one of the most popular products they have to offer.


The matte velvetine liquid lipsticks are a unique lipstick that goes on glossy yet dries to a velvet finish. They are very smooth as well as long lasting. They will last for hours and are touch proof as well as kiss proof.


The velvetine liquid lipsticks are available in a wide range of fun and interesting colors. Some of the top colors include Teacup which is a gorgeous periwinkle blue shade as well as Pink Velvet which is a gorgeous bright pink shade. Some of the other top colors include their newest shade Scandal which is a deep plum shade as well as Red Rose which is a ruby red color that looks great on any skin tone. The matte velvetine liquid lipsticks are also available in a variety of other fun colors.


Aside from the matte velvetine lipstick shades Lime Crime also offers a variety of metallic velvetine lipstick shades. Some of the top metallic shades include Zenon which is a beautiful metallic gold,Vibe which is a metallic pink mauve shade as well as Red Hot which is a metallic red shade. Some of the other top metallic shades include Posh which is a metallic purple shade, Eclipse which is a metallic black red color as well as Blondie which is a beautiful rose gold tone that looks great on any skin tone.


These are just a few of the many gorgeous colors that the matte and metallic velvetine liquid lipsticks are available in. They are also available in many other great colors. They are available for purchase online as well as in a few select retail locations. Some of the top online sites to buy Lime Crime products is as well as Some of the top retail locations include Naimie’s Beauty Center and Urban Outfitters.

The Interdependency between Technology and Fashion: A Good Omen for Everyone

The existing interdependency between technology and fashion proves in unmistakeable ways that two good heads are better than one. Only a novice will frown at this growing interdependency. Many business men and women have made millions in profit by this simple understanding. Individuals like Chris Burch will for ever be happy for it. Before I dwell on the topic, knowing something about this man may be helpful.


My choice of Chris Burch as an example is because aside making millions from this interdependency, he got wind of it early enough. Burch stated his exploits in business while in college. Together with his brother, he set up a fashion firm, and in no time he was at the pinnacle of success.


He was not contented with success in just one industry,so he went on a business adventure into other industries including technology and real estate. He recorded as much success as well. His current company, Burch Creative Capital, is also doing fantastically well on all sides.


The interdependency between these two industries simple connotes the coming together of both to give the world something to Cherise, either in form of inventions or notable discoveries. It has so far produce an healthy trend characterized by inventions that are always a step higher than the previous. A critical look at the trend of inventions with inputs from these industries from the 70s to the turn of the millennium will help for better understanding.


Music lovers in the 70s will agree with me that they could give out anything to get a boom box. It was the only viable medium for carrying favorite tunes and stations from one place to another. By the 90s, only a handful of people could remember anything call boom box. The Walkman was the new bride of the music world; it overwhelmed everybody as it provides a personal music experience second to none. Funny enough,the Walkman did not last a decade in the hearts of people because the close of the century ushered in the iPod, an improvement on the Walkman. It is always from one improvement to the other; that is one good thing about this interdependency.


Inventions in fashion with some inputs from technology abounds. Also,the world of technology has been doing some unbelievable things with some assistance from fashion. Both have been a blessing to each other, and since it is a upward trend, the best is yet to come.

Why You Should Be Shopping At Fabletics

Fabletics is an online subscription retailer. It sells sportswear and accessories for women. Fabletics is mostly referred as athleisure. It provides its members with customized outfits that have been chosen for them basing on their fashion and lifestyle preferences. Fabletics is a subsidiary of JustFab. Fabletics has become a favorite shopping spot for most women who want to look stylish while working out or playing any sport. Fabletics was founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler. It offers its customers the option to become members. The customers fill a member application form where they state their fashion preferences. A stylist chooses outfits for all members based on what they like every month. The outfits are also designed to fit women of all sizes and shapes. Fabletics also caters for women of all age groups.


Fabletics has been able to grow and expand since its inception in 2013. The company offers the outfits on the latest fashion trends, and customers have the option to shop online. Members of Fabletics say they enjoy shopping at Fabletics and that their sportswear needs are all catered for by the store. They also report that the process of becoming a member is easy, fast, and smooth. Fabletics has made a valuation of $250 million in its first three years of being in business with pop-up stores. Women term Fabletics as fabulous with affordable prices and high-quality clothes. They recommend others to try Fabletics, and they will never look back.


Fabletics has workout clothes of different patterns and colors. Their customers say that it is always an exciting experience to shop there. The Fabletics website is also easy to navigate, and users do not face challenges when shopping. Fabletics has exciting offers. It has been able to acquire a massive customer base and believes that customer satisfaction is their number one priority. The company uses high-quality material when making their outfits. This is very appealing to clients.


The shipping process takes only a few days depending on the location of the customer once they make an order online. Customers say that there is a lot to choose from at Fabletics when it comes to sportswear and this has enabled them to stay stylish all the time. The customer care representatives at Fabletics are very welcoming, kind, and friendly. They make the shopping experience for customers to be very easy and stress-free. The company gives discounts to its esteemed clients. It is always exciting to be a Fabletics member.