The Importance of Fighting for Human Rights

Human rights is a very wonderful thing to have in this life. However, it is always under attack. Someone is always looking for ways to take advantage of someone else. In many cases, it is just someone trying to take advantage of someone else. However, there are people who take advantage of and rule over tons of people in an unjust manner. There are countries that are ruled by tyranny and other forms of human rights violations. With such different violations going on throughout the world, it is important for some activists to stand up for the rights of others. Fortunately, there is a wealth of activists.

Among the activists that are fighting real hard to expose and eradicate tyranny is Thor Halvorssen Thor himself comes from a line of people who have fought for what is right. His father himself has been imprisoned and tortured after exposing government corruption. His mother was shot at a demonstration. This gives Halvorssen a lot of experience and a personal motive towards handling the tyrants of certain nations and other issues. He is especially setting his sites on North Korea with the Kim Dynasty currently in effect. Thor does have a lot of fighting to do. Click here to know more.

One thing that could be said for Thor Halvorssen is that he is an example of a human rights activist that others should follow. For one thing, he does keep a cheerful air about him. He doesn’t buy into the stereotype of human rights activists being hateful of people. Thor Halvorssen himself loves people. He also makes sure that he presents a positive image to people. He is also very interested in hearing plenty of other cases of human rights violations so that he could spread awareness on the issue so that others will be able to do something about it alongside him. He himself understands that the fight for human rights is a dirty fight.