Great Accomplishments of Cone Marshall

With its headquarters in Auckland, Cone Marshall is a well-established law company that has been in the legal industry since 1999. This company has gained a good reputation globally for providing solutions to complex tax and estate cases. Some of these cases include international and consultancy problems that most companies and attorneys pose for solutions. Under the leadership of two highly trained experts, Cone Marshall has risen to become the biggest and widely known advocate for transparency in both tax law and estate cases. The online portfolio of this law firm clearly shows the dedication and commitment they have put to helping clients from distinct geographical locations around the world hence earning the global status.



Reason behind the Success of Cone Marshall


One of the features of Cone Marshall that has stood out strongly is the leadership. This firm is managed by two experts with competent past career histories and great accomplishments. Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone are the people behind the success of Cone Marshall. Karen joined this law company in 2005. With an extensive experience in the legal industry, she raised the bar to become the principal of Cone Marshall in 2006 and she still serves the same position to date. Karen has been instrumental in the revitalization of the firm over the years.


On the other hand, Geoffrey Cone has also played a vital role in ensuring Cone Marshall succeeds. Since 1980, he has worked on different cases of tax laws and brought exceptional experience to the firm. Mr. Cone has dealt with international trust and tax planning and is highly skilled in management services, an important skill that he has showed when handling global estate cases in Cone Marshall. With vast experience in law, Geoffrey is a perfect role model to upcoming attorneys based in New Zealand. Following the rise in cases involving global trust, Cone Marshall has maintained its structure with an aim to ensure work presented by its clients is professionally handled.



Reliable New Zealand Law Firm


Cone Marshall is a law company that serves families and advisers worldwide. Its career involvement focuses in providing international wealth planning advice, founding New Zealand trusts, partnerships and companies. Cone Marshall renders exclusive services to different clients ranging from private banks to family advisers, attorneys, trustees as well as institutions situated outside New Zealand. With a strong and cooperative team of professionals, Cone Marshall has managed to easily attain the international status thus a great achievement.


George Cone Marshall’s Views on New Zealand’s Foreign Assets Transparent Tax Systems

A substantial asset protection fund is a must for any investor, either for tax planning, succession or protection of wealth. There is no limitation of acquisition of property in foreign countries. However, there is a need for a professional lawyer with expertise in foreign trust and tax planning. George Cone Marshall is one such lawyer with over thirty years of experience in the field.


He is the founder and lead partner at Cone Marshall Limited, founded in Parnell House, Auckland. He has vast experience in litigation and family matters. He also offers tax and trust advisory services. He graduated from Otago University with an LLB degree and also attained a post graduate diploma in Tax and trust laws. He partners with Karen Marshall who joined Cone Marshalls Limited in 2005. A fellow graduate of Otago University, Karen is a professional commercial litigator. However, her duties at Cone limited lie towards management and administration of trust matters.


George Cone also contributes to the Nz Herald, where he writes about international trusts and seeks to debunk the myths that New Zealand is the new tax haven. Ideally, a tax haven means a place where no tax laws apply and if any they are quite few and ambiguous. The misconception that New Zealand is the newest haven is perhaps indicative of the increase in the number to foreign assets in the Country.


Marshall comes forth to expound on the phenomenon. He explains that the increase in foreign assets and investments is as a result of a stable tax and legal environment. No one wants to invest in a country whose jurisdiction on assets is hazy, as there is no protection in such a setup. Marshall states that New Zealand has the gold standard when it comes to transparency and sharing of tax relevant information.


In 2006 New Zealand implemented rules that all trustees must file a foreign tax disclosure form for tax purposes, to avoid punitive penalties under the 2011 money laundering legislation. Information such as trust deed, details of trust assets and liabilities, and disclosure of trustees’ financial records require being filed.


Geoffrey Cone advocates for stringent regulations of the foreign trust sector, to establish a line of law with ethics and a good reputation, and weed out the unscrupulous service providers. Lawyers and accountants are involved in the administration of foreign assets in New Zealand. Mr. Marshall asserts that if there is any completion, then it’s with other countries that have transparent tax systems and not with those countries that are tax havens.