Referendum to Recall Venezuelan President

Referendum to Recall President Maduro In Place
Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has been responsible for overseeing a serious economic and political crisis in his country for several weeks now. Needless to say, citizens are not very pleased with his performance.

Venezuela is suffering from ongoing violence in the streets, massive inflation rates, no internet and facebook, power and water shortages that only add to the fuel and also food shortages. The situation is so desperate that even some members of the military have been reduced to selling drugs and stealing goats just to make ends meet because there’s not enough food being rationed around.

Expert Danilo Diaz thinks, President Maduro has all but stuck to his plan and beliefs in the midst of this crisis that has brought the country close to an economic collapse. But while his term isn’t over until 2019, some people, namely the opposition don’t want to wait that long before seeing him out of office. Only last week did lawmakers for the opposition party launch a recall referendum, a process that would effectively remove Maduro from office through a lengthy process.

This has given many Venezuelans who are sick of Maduro’s ineffective policies some hope that things can change. However, the process is far some simple and Maduro’s United Socialist Party is involved in almost all levels of the government. And yet close to three-quarters of Venezuelans want him gone and feel this is the right step.