The Democrats Witnessed the Generous Hand of George Soros

After a stunt in funding politics in 2004, George Soros enthusiastically made a comeback to the politics arena as a supporter of the Democrats through funding. He devoted over 25 million dollars to the cause as trusted sources noted that he could give even more. According to his political adviser, Mr. Michael Vachon, George has been a constant supporter of the Democratic missions, including religious tolerance, criminal justice, and immigration reforms.

More Funding

At the end of June last year, George funded Priorities USA Action, an initiative that supported Hillary, with $7 million as recorded by FEC filings. The records also indicated $700,000 in funding to various Democratic Party’s committees as well as a $2 million donation to an opposition researcher, the American Bridge 21st Century. Voting Rights Trust, a non-profit organization that fought against voting restrictions by the conservatives, also benefited from a $5 million funding. Another $5 million beneficiary was Immigrant Voters Win that dedicated their efforts to sensitize voters to turn out in large numbers. Vachon also noted that George funded several other committees, such as America Votes, a group that mobilized voters, Planned Parenthood Votes, and the Senate Majority PAC.

George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

An excellent Incentive

George has enjoyed a friendship of over 25 years with Hillary Clinton, and only his return to active trading made him miss a Democratic convention where Hillary accepted her presidential nomination. His generous giving was viewed as a move that would encourage other activists to extend their hands. It also placed Hillary at a good position to hold her campaigns bravely as well as compete without fear against the Republican.


George Soros roots are in Hungary where he was born. He later left home and started doing menial jobs as a waiter and railway porter. With these jobs, he was able to finance his education at the prestigious London School of Economics. Soros landed a position in the financial sector, working at a merchant bank. In 1969, George Soros relocated to New York where he founded a hedge fund firm, which later assumed the name, Quantum Fund. George gathered vast wealth over the years and without a sign of slowing down, he has continued to make substantial investments through Soros Fund Management. The business boasts of owning assets worth over $30 billion currently.


After the 2004 funding, George retaliated from supporting politics and concentrated on philanthropy. He has given over $13 billion to non-profit organizations over the last 30 years. His main focus is on worldwide organizations that fight for human rights, support education, enhance easier access to health care, and define the democratic process in Europe. George also played a key role in the establishment of Democracy Alliance, a group meant for liberal donors.

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Dick DeVos Impeccable Career Journey

Dick DeVos is an established business person and entrepreneur from Michigan. DeVos was born in 1955 and is the son of the co-founder of Amway Corporation, a network sales company that deals with the distribution of personal care, household, and health products. He spent most of his business career working in different executive positions at Amway before rising to the position of CEO in 1993, a position he held until his retirement in 2002. Dick DeVos is best known for growing Amway’s international business from 5% of total company revenue to about 50% within 6 years of taking over as one of the company’s vice presidents.

After retiring from Amway, DeVos moved to the Windquest Group as the president. In the new role, DeVos has been instrumental in ensuring Windquest invests in economically viable, sustainable energy solutions.

Early Life and Education

As a young boy, his DeVos father prepared him for greatness by allowing him to participate in the running of their family business. DeVos completed his high school at Forest Hills and proceeded to join Northwood University where he earned his degree in Business Administration. He has, over the years received many honorary doctorates from the Central Michigan University, Grove City College, and Northwood University. Also, he received the prestigious Alumni recognition.

Career Journey

DeVos became an employee of the Amway Corporation in 1974 and held several positions for a span of ten years. In 1984, his efforts paid off as he ascended through the ranks to become the company’s Vice President in charge of eighteen countries. In 1989, he left to venture into private business and established The Windquest Group, which specialize in the production, distribution, and promotion of storage and closet organizers.

Orland Magic Basketball and Return to Amway

In 1991, Amway Corporation acquired Orlando Magic Basketball with DeVos being appointed its Managing Director. While managing the Franchise, he still oversaw the daily operations of his firm, Windquest Group. DeVos returned to his family business as its president in 2000 to succeed his father. He spearheaded the implementation of a restructuring program that gave birth to a new parent company, the Alticor Corporation. DeVos relinquished his role as the President of Alticor to monitor his private business closely, politics, and venture into charity.

Charity and Community Outreach

Despite the fact that he has a hectic career and entrepreneurial life, DeVos participates in many community initiatives. He is the founder of Education Freedom Fund which awarded over four thousand scholarships to disadvantaged kids in Michigan.

Also, he runs the West Michigan Aviation Academy, a high school that aims to provide a rigorous education program through aviation focus. He has served on the State Board of Education and leads as chair/co-chair of various Grand Rapids area downtown revitalization and regional healthcare improvements. He is a two-time National Champion sailor, a qualified jet aircraft, and helicopter pilot. DeVos is married to Betsy Prince, and together they have seven kids.