George Soros Is Doing A Lot For People

When we think about people that have done a lot for fairness and equality, we think of George Soros. He has made quite an impact with people that are based in all areas of the world. His generosity and kindness has given him notoriety for his philanthropy work.

What Makes George Soros Want To Give So Much To Others?

About George Soros he has not had an easy life. Being a Jewish man, his younger years were oppressed. He saw a lot that happened to him and his people, and yet, they always had the wherewithal to open their hearts freely and willingly to help others in need. As he grew in a man, this determination never left him, and he continues to help those that are oppressed in any way that he can.

The Open Society Foundation And His Hedge Fund

Since he wanted desperately to do more than others, in the year 1970, he opened the Open Society Foundation. Through his Hedge Fund he was able to help others even more. For many, offered scholarships to them so they could go to college. His dream was to have them educated so that they go willingly into the world and do good deeds for others too.

In The Atlantic, George Soros Is See As A Threat

The article states that he is a threat to capitalism because he wants people to have chances to come out of their oppression. He doesn’t want anyone to be left behind. His views are merely that he wants everyone to have a chance, but others see it as a threat to capitalism.

Will He Stop Helping Others Because Of This?

No, he will continue to forge ahead knowing that what he is doing is what he thinks is right. It was instilled in him since he was young, and he wants nothing else than to help others because he can.When people wonder if they will still hear about George Soros, they can be assured that they will. He is going to continue to do good deeds for others, helping in any way that he can. The world is becoming a better place to live because of him and what he can do for others.

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