James Dondero Reveals Secrets to Success

James Dondero has recently revealed his secrets to success in the finance industry. Over the years, James has looked to carefully evaluate credit and debt based securities. This has allowed him to find the most profitable investment options available. During his stint at Highland Capital Management, Dondero has been able to build his firm into one of the most profitable in the world. Along with analyzing debt based securities, James has said that he is always looking for turnaround opportunities. These are situations where he will look for investment options that are not reaching expectations but have the potential to become highly profitable. This has helped Dondero generate high profits for his firm as well. The last thing that James revealed was that he always stays on top of the latest trends in the finance industry in order to look for profitable investment opportunities.


Dondero is the current president and co founder of the Dallas based investment firm Highland Capital Management. The firm specializes in debt and credit management securities. When James first co founded the firm, he started it up as a life insurance company. Over the course of the first few years, the firm emerged as a quality firm that became quite reputable in the insurance industry. While the firm was quite successful, James Dondero looked to expand it so that it can meet the needs of its growing client base. Over the course of the 1990’s decade, James would expand the firm to offer things such as financial advisory services, wealth management, asset management and also quality products such as hedge funds and private equity securities.


When James began his career, he worked as an employee. His first position was one as a credit analyst where he would evaluate credit based securities. Over the course of his career, he would advance to higher positions which gave him the opportunity to have more responsibility. The last position he held before starting up his own firm was as a chief investment officer. At this position he managed billions of dollars worth of funds for some of the top corporations such as American Express.



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