Referendum to Recall Venezuelan President

Referendum to Recall President Maduro In Place
Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has been responsible for overseeing a serious economic and political crisis in his country for several weeks now. Needless to say, citizens are not very pleased with his performance.

Venezuela is suffering from ongoing violence in the streets, massive inflation rates, no internet and facebook, power and water shortages that only add to the fuel and also food shortages. The situation is so desperate that even some members of the military have been reduced to selling drugs and stealing goats just to make ends meet because there’s not enough food being rationed around.

Expert Danilo Diaz thinks, President Maduro has all but stuck to his plan and beliefs in the midst of this crisis that has brought the country close to an economic collapse. But while his term isn’t over until 2019, some people, namely the opposition don’t want to wait that long before seeing him out of office. Only last week did lawmakers for the opposition party launch a recall referendum, a process that would effectively remove Maduro from office through a lengthy process.

This has given many Venezuelans who are sick of Maduro’s ineffective policies some hope that things can change. However, the process is far some simple and Maduro’s United Socialist Party is involved in almost all levels of the government. And yet close to three-quarters of Venezuelans want him gone and feel this is the right step.


Better Reputation Clears Your Name For a Better Future

There are no doubts about the fact that many of us will sometimes commit certain actions that do not necessarily bode so well on our records. Unfortunately, such actions of misconduct may be difficult to remove from our permanent and/or public records. If so, then there may be very little one can do to remove the negative “mark” that they have on their record. What may be considered as being even worse is having such records being put on the Internet for the entire world to see. If you have come across such a situation, please do not hesitate to contact the representatives of Better Reputation.

Better Reputation is a Internet company that has decided to employ a group of specialized web engineers to coordinate with websites that post records of individual’s past to remove them at a cost of a small fee. Such instances of removal may require individuals to delve into a myriad of websites on the Internet as there are many today who proceed with posting people’s past mistakes on the Internet. Unfortunately, although such an action by these websites may seem to be performing illegal acts, it is highly imperative for citizens to know that not all states have made such actions illegal as of yet. Therefore, the individuals that have their information posted on such websites may end up spending hundreds to even thousands of dollars removing everything that is posted on the web. This certainly causes the individuals to think twice before committing any kind of illegal act in the future!

Better Reputation representatives are professionals who know the importance and urgency of needing to clear one’s record, whether it be for personal comfort, job searching reasons, residency, or anything else, their priorities are to ensure that all of their clients are happy and comforted upon resolving the issues that exist in pertinence to their name on the Internet. If you, like the majority of us, care about your reputation, please do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives today! We will be happy to assist and guide you through the process of reputation restoration.


Restore Your Hair Health

We have all seen the Youtube Ads, tv commercials and beauty blogs like that rave about a revolutionary hair care product called WEN. My favorite are the before and after images of the women who use the product, and the end results of how healthy and shiny their hair looks! I just did not understand how such extraordinary results could be possible, so I decided to do a little beauty blog research on the product and boy was I satisfied with my search results! Chaz Dean has developed a revolutionary product that truly changes the way we look at hair care product lines. WEN is guaranteed to be organic and only contains 5 natural products, so no wonder after each use hair looks unbelievably healthy! WEN by Chaz Dean boasts to replace all of your current hair products with only the WEN conditioner by Chaz Dean.
As if I was not already about to click the order button, I came across a blog post on Bustle that documented the beauty blog post writer’s 10 day journey while using WEN. As I scanned through the pictures of each day, I truly surprised at the results and I could not believe the change in her hair in just 10 short days. The beauty blogger raved about the softness and healthy shine of her new locks after using WEN by Chaz Dean. That was it! That was all I needed to order my own WEN by Chaz Dean haircare system, and I am not so patiently awaiting it’s arrival and the new healthy locks that are sure to follow!
WEN FAQ’s? Click here:

Does the No ‘Poo Trend Really Work?

The No ‘Poo trend began with anti-shampoo advocates. The movement really caught on when new kinds of hair cleansing products hit the market and offered a more moderate option that just tossing the shampoo bottle all together. One of the most popular new cleansing products is WEN, a 5-in-1 formula developed by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean.

Does the promise of red carpet worthy hair in a bottle really work? Bustle, a magazine for women by the Vice media family, sent their writer Emily McClure to find out. For one week she adhered to the Wen philosophy and bottle rules.

To properly use WEN, it needs to be used daily and in heavy amounts to coat the hair completely. Emily’s fine hair is not overwhelmed with the weight. Once styled, her friends remark how visibly shiny her hair is. When she showers at night, her hair is greasier than usual in the morning. The grease is the hair’s natural oils that are not cut and diminished by the shampooless formula. Oils will weigh down your hair and prevent bounce and volume if they are too heavy.

Tip: Shower in the morning for fresh and bouncy hair.

Emily’s one week study results… for her fine hair, Wen hair care kit from is a wonderful product to use right before it is styled. For your very own red carpet nights, use it to hydrate and add shine. Chaz Dean originally created WEN precisely for this purpose. In his many years of studying to understand what hair truly needs, he has been able to achieve the product needed for the No ‘Poo movement.

Dean began his career at a Bel-Air Salon and began working with high-end beauty product companies in development. As he attracted a loyal fan base for his unique approaches to cut and color, he opened his own salon. Now located in a secluded oasis in Hollywood, Chaz Dean Studio caters to his clients’ physical and metaphorical roots.



George Soros Describes How Current Market Similar to 2008

At a recent economic conference in Columbo Sri Lanka, billionaire hedge fund owner George Soros told attendees the current markets reminded him of 2008.

The markets are facing a crisis on, Soros told the conference, and therefore needed to be careful.

China is struggling to find a new way to grow its economy and build wealth for its people. As the world’s second largest economy, it can no longer depend just on exporting cheaply manufactured goods to other countries. By letting its currency the yuan weaken in relation to other currencies, it was transferring its problems to the rest of the world.

China’s economy is shifting toward letting its people consume goods and provide services to the rest of the world and to other Chinese people. This is a step away from its old model of depending upon its people to labor for low wages to build the country’s manufacturing sector and investment in supporting infrastructure. Under that system, a small percentage of its citizens got wealthy for manufacturing cheap products for the developed world such as the United States, Japan and Europe, but almost everybody else remained relatively poor. Now ordinary Chinese people are more educated. They wish to share more in the economic boom in their country. The ruling Communist Party knows they must continue to supply almost everybody with jobs to prevent political and social unrest.

As the yuan weakened in value, so too did China’s stock market fall, which triggered other bear markets throughout the stock and commodity markets of the world, wiping out $2.5 trillion of value. 

Although Chinese authority are pumping hundreds of billions of dollars into its economy and the People’s Bank of China cut interest rates to record lows, the manufacturing sector remained slow and weak. 

Therefore, measures of volatile are way up. That include the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index (VIX), which has risen 13 percent just this year.

George Soros’s hedge fund has been making money for over 40 years. Even before becoming known to the public at large, he was well-known to financial traders. After winning a number of high-profile trades, Soros began funding organizations seeking political freedom in the old Union of Socialist Soviet Republics and its client states in Eastern Europe. George Soros helped encourage the underground movement of dissidents that eventually resulted in the overthrow of all those Communist governments and the pulling down of the Berlin Wall. 

Therefore, is ironic and sad that late in 2015 the government of Russia declared his pro-democracy charities, the Open Society Foundations (OSF) and the Open Society Institute (OSI) “undesirable.” Allegedly they represent a threat to the security of the Russian State, Russia’s General Prosecutor’s Office announced. In his home country of Hungary, his charities were accused of supporting illegal immigration.

Why Beneful Is a Smart Choice of Dog Food

Are you looking for a way to brighten up your pet dog’s day? There are many dog owners who feel the same way you do if that is how you feel. However, many pet owners do not necessarily know where to begin when it comes to making their pet(s) happy. What better way is there to get to your dog’s heart than feeding it the foods it enjoys? Unfortunately, many dogs do not truly enjoy the foods that they are served on a regular basis. Therefore, it is highly imperative for dog owners to ensure that they do what they can to conduct the proper amount of research when it comes to choosing their pet foods. They will only benefit from doing so as they will have the opportunity of having their pet(s) around for a lot longer than they would have had they not chosen a proper food choice to serve their beloved animal friends.

When it comes down to choosing a dog food that contains some of the most essential nutrients and minerals, you will want to be certain that the brand is true to what it claims to provide for the beloved animals that devour each and every serving. Beneful is a dog food brand that has gained the recognition of being one of the most viable options of pet food brands as it has a myriad of minerals for dogs to benefit from. Therefore, your best best is to make your next dog food pickings Beneful as it will assure you that your dog will be in optimal health. Whether you are seeking to provide your dog with comfort due to the deliciousness of the food, or one that your dog will not get bored of, you can be certain that Beneful is the perfect choice.

By choosing the Beneful brand, you should have no worries about whether the foods are an optimal choice or not. It is one that will keep your dog happy and healthy for as long as it lives. Be sure to choose Beneful the next time you are in the market searching for a well-reputed option of dog food.


What is White Shark Media Doing About Complaints?


White Shark Media is a growing company. The company’s focus is PPC/Adwords management, and the company does offer other online marketing-related services. Clients who sign on with White Shark Media do expect to see an increase in revenue. No one hires a PPC and marketing service for any reason other than to earn higher profits. Clients also want a smooth customer service experience. To paraphrase the old adage commonly repeated in business, it is impossible to please every customer all the time. White Shark Media has received its share of complaints. The company is not ignoring the feedback received. White Shark Media is being very proactive with dealing with complaints.

One review pointed to difficulties with communications and getting through to someone at the office. New companies do not always predict things such as phone volume. The communications system that is initially set up may not be enough to handle the work load associated with the incoming calls. This means calls end up going to voice mail, and return calls are not made as quickly.

White Shark Media does not want to see its customers deal with complaints. Management has taken significant steps to improve the phone setup and overall communications system.

A major change White Shark Media instituted was the institution of direct phone extensions to SEM specialists. Previously, the phone went to a single, central receptionist phone line. Direct extensions eliminate the need for a receptionist to convey messages to SEM specialists. Eliminating the middle person definitely aids in speeding up and streamlining the phone system.

White Shark Media also signed and agreement with GoToMeeting to run monthly meetings between the SEM specialists and the clients. The monthly meetings allow for status reports to be spelled out to clients. The sessions are also a fine time for question and answers. Simply by orchestrating monthly meetings, communications improves immensely. The necessity to play “phone tag” is cut down a lot.

The meeting sessions do provide a time to discuss the direction of the campaign. Clients do want to see an increase in sales. One complaint from clients who dropped a competing PPC company to sign up with White Shark Media was older, reliable components of the PPC strategy were dropped. White Shark Media is no longer going to wipe the proverbial slate clean with new clients. Any pre-existing aspect of a prior campaign will be retained as long as results and sales are being generated.

White Shark Media values all new and existing clients immensely. The company want to be sure those who select White Shark Media are pleased with their choice. While not perfect, White Shark Media does take many steps to make improvements when asked.

U.S. Money Reserve Honor Sailors


An article in said that the U.S. Money Reserve, has joined with the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation to create and install a statue, depicting a lone sailor, as a tribute to sailors around the world. The statue is named, “The Lone Sailor” and it represents the courage and devotion to duty of the sailors of yesterday and today. The purpose of the statue is to inspire the young and give them a feeling of the intense pride earned by those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Photo: Your text to link…
Most of the funding for this seven-foot tall bronze statue comes from the U.S. Money Reserve’s sales from its own issuance of a 75th Anniversary series of gold and silver coins honoring those lost during the attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt called the attack, “A date which will live in infamy.”
The U.S. Money Reserve’s commemorative coins were regarded with esteem by Vice Admiral John Totushek, USN (Ret). Totushek is the president and CEO of the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation working with the U.S. Money Reserve on this statue.
The statue itself, made of bronze, is the work of Stanley Bleifeld, who is the official sculptor of the U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation. The statue consists of two pieces; the 7-foot sailor weighs 1000 lbs. The sailor’s sea bag and the adjoining mooring cleat together weigh another 700 lbs. Steel from the sunken ship, the USS Arizona, will be used in the manufacture of the base of the “Lone Sailor“.
This is a patriotic gesture and a creative effort by the CEO and President of U.S. Money reserve, Philip Diehl.
Collectors around the seven seas and anyone who has ventured out to sea, themselves, who know of the lure of the great blue sea should own one of the offerings by U.S. Money Reserve. Call or visit the U.S. Money Reserve for more information about their 75th Anniversary Pearl Harbor Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins. 1-800-425-2522 or visit: Your text to link…
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Soros on Merkel’s Handling of the European Union

Not one to remain silent when he has an informed opinion to share, billionaire investor, George Soros, recently spoke with the New York Review about his views of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, her handling of the European Union, its future and the power the people of Germany may have to make it all better.

Soros has criticized Merkel’s governing style in the past, particularly in the case of austerity measures she put in place to handle the fallout that resulted from the Greek economic crisis, which did little to remedy issues of poverty in that country. Now, Soros’ critiques have to deal with Merkel’s handling of the migrant crisis across Europe.

This lapse in judgment comes at a dangerous time, Soros pointed out. Following Russia’s invasion and subsequent annexation of Crimea, Merkel has been hounded with calls to rein in Russian President Vladimir Putin while they continue to fight alongside the tenuous coalition in Syria against ISIS. And it’s from that theater that migrants are fleeing from, but their numbers and the management of their influx is placing the EU’s ability to survive in question.

Soros isn’t eh only one to have called the future of the EU dubious. Merkel herself had stated that the migrant crises she’s currently dealing with could be bring about the end of the union. And while Soros saw Merkel as decisive and calculating when implementing austerity measures, something he did not agree with, to him, she seems with out a strategy to handle the current crises.

As the migrant crises progresses, Soros sees only one body of power that can actually affect change in the interest of the entire union, and that is the German people. Acting as the executive branch for the entirety of the European Union, Soros suggests that it’s the German people alone who have the ability to call into question their stake in this arrangement. They could force a vote or a referendum that would determine whether or not Germany’s chancellor would continue to be the executor of the union or allow another nation to take the risk in managing it.

The suggest seems sound on the surface, but consider that Merkel enjoyed a high approval by the German people for putting her nation’s interest at the forefront of her responsibilities. It is only recently that attitudes have changed as the migrant crisis has stirred xenophobic sentiments and violence. Removing her from power or forcing a vote may not be as simple as he thinks, and Soros owns up to that fact in the interview. A survivor of Nazi occupation, Soros recognizes that Merkel, who herself grew up in Soviet Occupied East Germany, is acting out of conscience in her acceptance of these migrants, something he agrees with, but her management, he suggests, places the entire union at risk.

2016 New York City Real Estate Predictions

The New York City apartments for rent market can be an extremely tough and cutthroat environment. The key to navigating the maze of NYC real estate in a stellar manner is have the utmost in a professional acumen. In just five short years, TOWN Residential has established itself as real estate agency that has the best customer service, including in the areas of leasing, marketing, and commercial and retail as well.


The key to TOWN Residential’s success would be the unsurpassed professionalism of each and every agent that represents the firm. The representatives associated with this firm truly go the extra mile for each and every client and our proud of the fact that the firm was recently designated as a Best Firm to Work For.


Part of their excellent customer service comes from the fact that they are able to stay abreast of the current market trends. One interesting article they would recommend would be a recent one that notes 8 predictions for NYC Real Estate for the 2016 year. Consider the following:


  1. Interest rates will raise and there will be a cooling in prices.

One prediction has it that interest rates will raise up in 2016. If the rates do indeed rise, the buyer demand will go down and pricing will decrease.


  1. Real estate deals will be more complicated.

Deals will happen in this new year, but they will be more difficult to accomplish. The real estate transactions will be a bit more complicated. Buyers will want more deal contingencies and will require more of the sellers.


  1. Buyers will need more time to make decisions.

Buyers might need more time to make a purchase. They may need to make more than one visit to a property and might need up to three weeks to consider a contract.


  1. Buyers will desire prime locations.

The market is softening, which means that buyers will desire more prime locations.


  1. Baby boomers will still be an important segment.

Baby boomers will have a desire to be near grandchildren and they will often decide to purchase a second home or downsize from a suburban home in order to be close to them.

It is important to remember that a number of factors can affect the housing market, and so that is why the representatives at TOWN Residential believe it is important to learn and study the real estate markets as closely as possible.

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