Beneful: A Leader In Pet Nutrition

As any pet parent the first and foremost thing on my mind when it comes to taking care of my dogs is nutrition. Is the brand I’m using right for them? Does it upset their stomachs at all? Could they be getting more benefits from another brand or type of food? Should they be eating wet food only now that they are older? All these things play major factors when I’m deciding what I should, or rather need, to be feeding my dogs. Some may say “Oh, they’re just animals.” but if we get to eat the best of the best then why can’t they? It seems only fair.

Whether you just added a puppy to your family or have had old Fido for nearly a decade their food should always be taken into consideration. There are many different types of brands to choose from. Dog food was first introduced to the market way back in the mid 19th century but it only had maybe two or three brands of dog food. It was all mostly dry kibble made from meat and vegetables. By mid century the brands had increased but now there was the availability of serving your dog wet food. This is essentially dog food in a can that is accompanied by a sort of gravy. They added variety when it came to flavorings as well. Also since science had evolved they were able to find out more information on which foods are actually healthy for dogs like Beneful on twitter.

They even began suggesting to people not to feed their dogs chicken bones along with the dinner scraps from the table because studies had found that the chicken bones could splinter and harm the dogs digestive tract. The same warning was issued for fatty foods or even gristle from steaks which owners frequently treated their dogs to. The fat from things like bacon or steak could cause buildup in the dogs arteries. It’s not as looked down on as chicken bones but it is suggested to be kept at a minimum. In today’s pet food industry, we are looking at vegan or vegetarian options for dogs. Some are against this and say that dogs need protein because their bodies are very muscular and they need that protein to feed their muscles if they’re going to be playing fetch with a ball or frisbee.

Protein does not always have to come from meat or even dairy. There are many meat free and dairy free options when it comes to protein sources. I’m still wary on switching my dogs to a vegan or vegetarian diet but perhaps in time I will switch them over. Presently, they are taking Beneful. They are one of the top three brands when it comes to dry dog food and I wouldn’t give my money to any other company. They have many different flavors to choose from but my choice is the Beneful Radiance kind. It has salmon, green beans, carrots and sweet potatoes. My dogs are absolutely in love with it. If I didn’t know any better I’d say they get more excited when I buy Beneful than with any other brand.

Puppies Will Benefit From Beneful Foods Made For Puppies

I’ve decided to get my first puppy, and it’s going to be the first dog I have ever owned. I’m not only nervous about the prospect of having a dog running around my house, but I’m wondering if he’ll be disciplined enough not to go to the bathroom in my house as well as not biting up my things. I decided I wanted to pick a dog that could be helpful as well as fun, and I chose to get a Golden Retriever. I’ve heard a lot about Golden Retrievers, and they tend to like to pick up stuff and bring it back to their owner.

I walk often, and I want a dog that can walk with me, and sometimes I’ll even bring my metal detector, so a Golden Retriever would be a lot of fun. I went into the pet store, and I picked out a Golden Retriever, and they told me that they were going to ensure that the pet had all of its shots before I could take him home. I had to come back on a different day to get the dog, but I really wanted that particular dog.

I not only wanted to make sure my dog felt comfortable, but I also wanted to make sure I bought the right food for my pet. I had no idea what kind of dog food would be good for my dog, but I knew that table scraps were out of the question. A puppy needs different foods than regular dogs, and I was scared that I might feed him the wrong food. I sat down for maybe half an hour with the guy in the pet store, and he told me all everything that I should do to care for my dog. I literally sat there taking notes so I wouldn’t miss anything.

The guy told me that I should try Beneful brand foods, and it would be a good idea to get the puppy brand of Beneful. He said that since the dog is still young and growing he would get the best nutrition by eating Beneful puppy food. He also said that the dog could have treats, and he could also have snacks as well, just as long as the foods were made for dogs. He also recommended that any snacks and treats I bought for the dog should be the Beneful brand from as well.

I took a look around the pet store, and I saw that they did have a lot of Beneful foods, so if a pet store is recommending it, I knew that it was something that would be good for my dog. The guy also told me that I should walk my dog at least once a day, but if I could walk him up to three times a day that would be great. He told me to have a lot of patience because I’m getting a puppy, but all I know is my dog will be happy and healthy.

When the Best Counts, Farmers Count on Purina Dog Food

Our family has operated an alpaca farm for years. My brothers and I grew up helping our grandparents and parents raise these curious creatures. Right as the roosters were announcing a rising sun, we were already in the barn and caring for the livestock. We unloaded bales of sweet hay and grain for the hungry alpacas to enjoy. Often times, an ornery young one would run out of the gate and one of us would have to chase him back into the fold.

The farm was teaming with different kinds of livestock. My grandmother maintained a flock of free-ranging chickens that would rid her garden of bugs while they chuckled contently throughout the day. We also had an old milk cow named Suzie Q that provided fresh milk, sweet cream, and butter for our family. Even before today’s trend of living of the grid and self-sufficiency, we were living the farmer’s dream.

Along with all of our other four-footed residents were our farm dogs. Ever since I can remember, Dad and Grandpa had several mixed breed dogs and a few hunting beagles. My Dad is a veterinarian and he cared for all the livestock and the pets. We learned a lot while assisting him on our farm and on rounds to neighbors’ animals.

When we graduated from high school, I went to college to pursue a degree in business. My youngest brother followed in Dad’s footsteps and is in his third year of veterinary school. Our parents deeded us parcels of land on the farm where we built homes and are raising families of our own. Even though my middle brother did not stay in the family business, he lives in a nearby town and checks in with us often.

I honestly do not know what we would do without our farm dogs. We have a border collie named Skipper and a German Shepherd mix named Sebastian. They are both excellent herding dogs for the alpacas. Our alpaca herd is pretty tame; however, they can be spooked easily and can often be stubborn. It almost seems like a game to Skipper and Sebastian to chase the alpaca herd from the lower fields back to their stable. The doggie duo have also made friends with the resident donkey, who protects the alpacas from coyotes and other wild menaces.

Our animals are our friends and our livelihood and they depend on us for the best of care. When it comes to our dogs’ nutritional needs, we trust the Purina news. My late grandpa fed his dogs Purina, as many generations of pet owners have. Purina has healthy blends of protein, vegetables, and grains that keep dogs happy and active. There is a Purina blend for every stage of a dog’s life. On the farm, we love our animals and only feed them the best. That is why we continue to choose Purina.

Susan McGalla Has Been Brave And Confident

Susan McGalla has worked just as hard to get to be in a high position in the business world as any man has, or maybe even harder than them, and she is a woman to be respected. Young girls who are hopeful of one day being successful businesswoman should consider the things that Susan McGalla has done with her life. They should consider the way that she has lived, and the career choices that she has made, and then they should set out on the path toward their own career with a new confidence in themselves.
Susan McGalla was lucky enough to grow up with supportive parents who believed in her and her ability to do anything that she set her mind to, and she was able to take confidence from them and the things that they had to say. She was able to be courageous in her journey into the business world because of them. They helped her to believe in herself, and it was her belief in herself and her abilities that has helped her to come so far in her career.
Susan McGalla has served positions in a couple of big clothing companies, and that is something that not too many people can say that they have done with their lives. She was able to take on some big challenges within those companies, and she was able to better herself by working for them. Susan McGalla has never been one to give up on her dreams, and it was her ambition and talent that took her as far as she has gone in her career. That is something for every girl to keep in mind. Every young girl who wants to be a businesswoman one day should consider the fact that she will have to be ambitious and brave, and that she will have to believe in herself.
Susan McGalla has done many big things in her career, and she is a great example of a successful businesswoman. It is great to see someone like her and all that she has done in the business world. It’s great to see a woman step up and do her own thing, and it’s great to see anyone believe in themselves and the abilities that they have. No one should feel afraid to take on any challenge that lies ahead of them if they have a goal in mind of where they would like to end up, but they should be just as brave as Susan McGalla.

CCMP Capital-Incorporating Heritage Ventures to Bring Growth in Today’s World

When Chemical Ventures Partners was founded in 1984 as a subsidiary of Chemical Bank, its main focus was on the private equity of chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Chemical Bank’s history goes back to 1824 when a need arose to have a bank that specialized in supporting companies that produced chemicals, dyes and other materials.
By 1991, Chemical Bank would be ready to acquire Manufacturers Hanover, a trust company with its roots in manufacturing dating back to 1812. With this newly acquired company, Chemical Bank was then able to acquire MH Capital Partners and merge them with Chemical Venture Partners. Chemical Ventures Partners would get a name change in 1996 when Chemical Bank merged with Chase Manhattan Bank. Their new name would be Chase Capital Partners to reflect their changing portfolio of private equity investments.

Chase Manhattan Bank, known as simply Chase would go through some major changes in 2000 deciding to merge with JP Morgan, an investment and banking firm whose history goes back to 1799. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on wikipedia would be renamed again as JP Morgan Partners. JP Morgan Partners would continue to grow exponentially and create spin off companies. The founders of one of these companies was Stephen Murray, an expert in buyout and growth equity strategies.

While at JP Morgan, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital spearheaded the buyout and growth strategies of JP Morgan Partners. Murray had originally been a part of the private equity team at Manufacturers Hanover and had extensive experience with buyout and growth equity strategies. His biggest achievement with JP Morgan Partners was the work he did with JP Morgan Partners Global Investors Fund in 2002. He helped close the fund with $5.4 billion dedicated to buyout and growth equity investments. It was because of this achievement that by 2006 CCMP was formed as a spinoff of JP Morgan.

The history of CCMP is embedded in the name of the company. The first letter is for the first company Chemical Ventures. The second letter reflects Chase Capital’s long term investments and interwoven legacy with the company. The third letter acknowledges the manufacturing interests that Manufacturers Hanover and that Chemical Bank invested heavily in. The fourth letter joins the other three letters in expressing the fact that the company thrives on its partners. It was Stephen Murray’s vision when he was elected as CEO in 2007 to reflect the decades of experience CCMP brings to the table. It is this solid heritage that enhances CCMP’s growth in today’s world.

Women in the Business World that Set Goals

When you look at women in the business world you can tell that they are not some fly-by-night operation that stumbled on executive leadership roles. To the contrary, these are women that are making plans and doing what it takes to show their skills.

I have seen these women rise, and I know that the playing field for female executives is a tough one. I would encourage just about anyone that wants to become a leader to really access the business world and set goals to get to where you want to be. I am checking out colleges and different fields of study to get myself equipped with the knowledge that I need in order to become an effective leader.

I researched the corporate climb that Susan McGalla has made through the years, and I see that this was not an overnight success. She is an industry leader when it comes to branding right now, but that has not always been her role in corporate America. There was definitely a time where she was able to pursue other things and build her resume – and her confidence – as she grew into the CEO. With her time as Chief Merchandising Officer she was one of the best in the industry for American Eagle. The stock price was rising and people were buying to this brand. She would find herself rising even higher to the CEO role and making the company even more money over the years.

Believing in yourself is a good start, but I have found that this is only one piece of the puzzle. I look to people like Susan McGalla of for encouragement and inspiration. She lets me know that hard work and motivation will pay off, but I am not trying to emulate her down to the wire. She is a retail branding expert. I have a path and passion for Information Technology. I would like to become a consultant and CEO for a Fortune 500 company like Oracle or Google. I can be motivated by Susan McGalla, but I know that I cannot follow her path. She has already done that work and lived that life. I have to set out my own goals for accomplishing my own dreams. I recognize this and more women can rise to the top when they look at the corporate world from this perspective.

There isn’t anything that is easy about this. Life can be a real drag if no goals are being set. Some people wonder around aimlessly looking for a chance to move up without putting in the work. They may have the skills, but without goal setting they don’t have the mind frame. Susan McGalla has emphasized that the college education was her cornerstone to success so attending goal is my first goal.

Brian Mulligan A Top Irish-American Performer

Brian Mulligan is a an American born baritone opera singer. He was born to Irish immigrant parents in New York City, and; therefore, has dual citizenship. His education includes Yale University and Juilliard.
Mulligan was attracted to music at a young age where he performed in several school musicals as a tenor mostly, but now sings baritone.  Later in high school, Mulligan was accepted to the Eastman School of Music. After studying music at Yale and realizing the real challenge a career in opera would be, Mulligan attended Julliard, where he was taught by W. Stephan Smith. Smith has also taught many of the leading stars of opera and written his own book, “The Naked Voice: A Wholistic Approach to Singing.” He now teaches at Northwestern University after a 13 year stint at Juilliard.
His debut performance was at the Metropolitan Opera in 2003 in “Die Frau ohne Schatten.” He was still a student at Juilliard at the time. He is now critically acclaimed across the world and has performed in several different countries including Canada, Japan and Germany.
Mulligan now lives in San Francisco and has performed in the San Francisco Opera with roles in “Nixon in China” and “The Trojans.” He will be performing in another San Francisco Opera production, “The Fall of the House of Usher,” an interpretation of the Edgar Allen Poe story.
Mulligan was also presented the honor of being included in Irish America Magazine as one of the top Irish Americans along with other stars such as Will Ferrell, Rosie O’Donnell and Robert Downey Jr. He is considered one of the finest baritone opera singers and has achieved success at a relatively young age.

FreedomPop Has The Mobile Wireless Services You Need At A Very Reasonable Cost

Wi-Fi service is currently so popular that many couldn’t imagine what they did before the Wi-Fi service was available. When a person is out in public, many of them have Internet service on their phone. Nowadays it’s possible for a cell phone to be a hotspot so that the person can allow other devices to connect to their cell phone via Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is a great way to connect tablets, laptops, cell phones and more, and it’s hard to imagine the world without Wi-Fi service. The problem with Wi-Fi service is that it’s very popular, and many of the services are unsecured. Wi-Fi services should be secured, but some people don’t take the time to create a password for their service.

It’s possible that because a person feels they have Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop in their home, then they may not need to add security to their Wi-Fi service. A person is sorely mistaken if they choose not to add a password to their home Wi-Fi service because they may end up compromising their security. It’s easy for anyone to access the Wi-Fi service if their mobile device picks it up, and then it can automatically connect to the Wi-Fi service. The person needs to have a password for the Wi-Fi service, but if there is no password in place, then a person simply must choose the Wi-Fi network to access it.

It can be devastating for a person to lose information or even lose money to someone who has gotten access to their Wi-Fi service, and then the person may get into their personal information on their devices. Securing a Wi-Fi service is as simple as putting a password on the service, but there are some people who just don’t do it. Those who are looking for secure Wi-Fi service when they are away from home should consider the FreedomPop reviews Wi-Fi Internet application. The application is free to download, and the service only costs five dollars a month.

The FreedomPop Wi-Fi service is unlimited, so the person doesn’t need to pay per usage. As long as the person can access the Wi-Fi hotspot, then they’ll be able to constantly use the Internet as they see fit. The speeds from the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service are very fast, and the service is secure as well, so there’s no need to worry about hackers and troublemakers. FreedomPop Wi-Fi service is the best service around because it’s fast, secure, and it only costs about the price of a good latte.

Stephen Murray’s Journey to CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray has been the President as well as the CEO of CCMP Capital. Not only did he hold the position of CEO and President at Stephen Murray CCMP Capital but also a member in the investment committee in the company. He joined CCMP Capital in the year 1989 after having worked as the Vice President in Middle Market Lending Division of manufacturers Hanover. He holds a bachelor of arts degree from Boston University. He also holds a masters degree from business school of Colombia.

As a founding partner of CCMP Capital, Stephen led CCMP to part ways with JPMorgan Chase & company so that they could not be involved in conflicts with the Bank’s clients. For CCMP to capitalize on what it specialize in it raised $3.6 billion in the previous year. The amount of money that Stephen Murray CCMP has been investing in is between $100 and $500 million as the equity for all the transactions that it undertakes. This information is available in their website.

Its target in this business has been consumers, energy sector, health care and industries. They have widely invested in areas such as Warner Chilcott plc, Quiznos corp and Cabela’s inc. Stephen Murray was born and brought up in the suburbs of New York City in Westchester County in The United States. He was ones hired by a new york city company for manufacturing in the year of 1984 where he worked as a credit trainee. Murray was appointed as the head of the buyout business in that Bank in the year 2005.

There has been quite a good number of spin out from CCMP Capital which include the one for Linzor Capital Partner which is in The Latin America and the main reason for this was the focus on private equity investment. This company was founded in the year 2008 by three persons that include Carlos Ingham, Tim Purcell and Alfredo Irigoin. In Asia the CCMP that was there was operating using a different equity investment fund since it had invested in many other undertakings including that of the Global fund.

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