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Omar Yunes has made a name for himself in the fast food industry of Mexico in a very short period. Even though he comes from a family that is financially well-off, he has never sought to live an entitled life. It can be seen in his adventurism in the world of business from a very young age. He started the first fast food joint of the famous Japanese fusion fast food brand, Sushi Itto when he was just 21. It is a decision that changed the rest of his life, and today, Omar Yunes is the proud owner of the 13 fast food joints of Sushi Itto brand.


Many people say that Omar Yunes knows how to market his restaurant and pull the customers in through various marketing and branding initiatives he starts. It is natural that some of the joints he started didn’t work well in the beginning, but perseverance and business strategy of Omar Yunes worked over time. Today, he owns around ten percent of the total fast food joints of Sushi Itto and has one of the most profitable pools of Sushi Itto joints in Mexico.


Recently, one of the most prestigious competitions in the food industry was held in Florence, Italy, named the Best Franchisee of the World Competition. Thanks to the long list of achievements of Omar Yunes over the years in the food industry, he came out as a clear winner of the competition. Omar Yunes won the BFW Competition because even though he has come a long way in the food industry and is highly successful, he has not become complacent with his business, which is the case with most of the other business owners.


Omar Yunes continues to look after and monitor all the 13 Sushi Itto joints he owns and ensures that his employees are performing well and are motivated. There are various team building and motivational activities that Omar Yunes organizes for his employees to make sure that the employees work in synergy and perform well, which would positively influence the reputation of his joints and provide better customer satisfaction as well.

Anthony Petrello, Alternative Energy Champion

Anthony Petrello champions finding and developing alternative energy sources. As a key executive in the NABORS organization, he works to bring geothermal energy and natural gas resources into wider use. Natural gas provides a valuable heating resource for many homes during the winter, and unlike oil heating systems, natural gas hearing systems are continuously supplied. Many countries are also considering natural gas as a safer alternative to nuclear power. Japan, for example, has decided to cease development of new nuclear power plants as a result of the Fukishima disaster.

Geothermal resources are another alternative energy source, and while there is a debate over whether or not some geothermal installations contribute to earthquakes, geothermal installations do not cause atmospheric pollution. Iceland, an island blessed with many geothermal energy sources, uses its hot spring and volcanic activity to provide almost all its heating and cooling needs. Unlike wind or solar power, which can provide different power levels throughout the day, geothermal power provides a constant source of energy.

Petrello brings decades of executive experience from his earlier posts. He served as a director for the Texas Children’s Hospital and as a director and member of the executive committee for Stewart and Stevenson. He looks forward to bringing his experience and his new ideas to the natural gas and geothermal industries. He can see many exciting opportunities ahead of the industry as new technologies continue to emerge. NABORS, its partners, and countries around the world are ready to embark on a new adventure.

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UK Expansion Won’t Change Honey Birdette’s Unique Charm

Honey Birdette is a company that is as charming as it is unique. The high end lingerie boutique was founded in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan and became Australia’s first lingerie boutique. It was developed after Eloise and friends had a conversation about Australia’s lack of a truly upscale lingerie shopping experience.

Since then, it has grown to 55 locations in Australia, but the style has stayed as unique as ever. When you step through the glossy black doors of Honey Birdette, you are greeted by one of the stores Honeys. These ladies are incredibly knowledgeable about the product lines and are there to not only assist customers with questions, but to turn the shopping process into a memorable experience. Guests are treated to champagne as they explore all that Honey Birdette has to offer – everything from modest silk nightgowns to daring lace and mesh lingerie outfits to a full collection of bespoke toys and accessories. They can lounge on the overstuffed chairs and couches and multi-textured walls with mirrors and sparkling or shimmering accents galore.

Honey Birdette has announced its largest, most rapid rollout to date and still plans to keep the boutique feel as it opens 37 new locations in the United Kingdom. These locations will bring the total to 40, as 3 locations opened last year, in London, Westfield and Leeds’ Victorias Gate. The first 10 locations have been announced and all 40 should be open by the end of 2018.

Honey Birdette also recently launched a new website for its shoppers in the United States after seeing triple digit sales growth from the US in 2016. The brand new site will offer a smoother and faster process for shipping and returns along with an expanded line of products available to ship to the United States.

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The Point of Inspiration for Cancer Treatment Centers of America

One common thing that happens in life is that inspiration comes from tragedy. This can be quite counter-intuitive for people to hear. For one thing, some of the deepest tragedies can be some of the most painful to deal with. However, Richard J. Stevenson has been hit with a tragedy that has set him on a path that eventually led him to opening Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The tragedy was that his mother died of cancer. This has inspired him to eventually look into ways of not only detecting cancer but also treating cancer as well. CTCA was the start of a new era of improving cancer treatments.

One of the best aspects of CTCA is that it is a database of information for different types of cancer. One can look on the site to find tons of information on what to do when one gets cancer. With all of the information that people have on cancer, one of the best things to do is get checked for cancer. Often times, cancer forms for a long time before one can detect it through symptoms. With the advanced technology available at CTCA one would be able to detect cancer a lot earlier and have a better chance at treating it.

CTCA is also looking to bring about growth and improvements to the process of treating cancer. Therefore, the company has partnered with other facilities like AllScripts and NantHealth in order to form Clinical Pathways. People who go to CTCA will find that they have more hope for taking on the cancers if they detect it. The types of treatment that CTCA describes and offers will make the recovery process go a lot more smoothly for patients. They will be able to go on with their lives with very few changes.

A Brief Look at Dr. Walden, a Rarest Female Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Walden’s Early Life

Jennifer Walden was born and raised in Austin. She was born to a dentist father and surgical nurse mother. Walden attended the University of Texas, Austin for her undergraduate program where she graduated with honors in Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Later on, she joined the University of Texas Medical Branch to attain her Medical Doctorate where she graduated as the salutatorian. Later on, Dr. Jennifer Walden was elected the President of the Texas Alpha Chapter of Alpha Honor Medical Society after finishing an aesthetic surgery fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. While at Manhattan, Dr. Walden would serve as a program director. After shifting to New York City, Dr. Walden built a successful practice for seven and a half years and learn more about Jennifer.


Career Journey

In 2011, Dr. Walden returned to her home town. Here, she would specialize in cosmetic surgery in areas such breast augmentations, facelifts, eyelid lifts, and nose jobs. Dr. Walden is among the few female doctors who practice cosmetic plastic surgery. Besides, she is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a leading professional organization for board-certified cosmetic surgeons. Besides, Dr. Walden holds the distinction of serving as a media spokesperson for both the American Society as well as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Besides being a rarest in her profession, Dr. Walden is a single mother by choice and read full article.


Dr. Jennifer Walden is an author of books and journals related to aesthetic plastic surgery. She was recently nominated and elected as the nation’s top doctor. Currently, Dr. Walden owns Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, which operates in her fully accredited office at Westlake Medical Center. Dr. Walden and her team at Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center commits to maintaining the highest standards of patient safety and care and Jennifer’s lacrosse camp.

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How the ClassDojo Experience Has Become So Important in the School System

A lot of people are interested in doing a lot for education. This is a company that has become very prevalent in helping parents when it comes to much better communication between the parents. It is easy for parents to get so wrapped up in the work that they become too busy to reach out to the teachers. The great thing about having an app like ClassDojo is that gives teachers the chance to reach out to parents.

It has never been easier for parents to stay connected to their kids and get access to what is going in in the school system. ClassDojo is the app that has made it possible for so many teachers to send out messages and communicate with the teachers. It makes sense for people to stay connected with what the teachers are saying because parents can help their children work on areas that they are struggling in.

This is a company that has raised as much as $21 million in venture funding. It has become one of the best apps in education from Silicon Valley, and it has managed to attract users on a global scale. It has been reported that ClassDojo is used in 2/3 of all schools. This is what has made more people pay attention to this type of software program. Teachers are connect and actually speak with parents without giving out their personal cell phone numbers.

Communication has never been easier for parents, students and teachers. Now that ClassDojo is being used in 180 countries there are going to be a lot more people checking out the new features that this company has to offer. There are features like “student stories” that are going to be utilized to give parents even more of a glimpse into the classroom.


The Finest Trader of Forex, Greg Secker

Greg Secker is well known for being an English tycoon with his most recent investment being the Greg Secker Foundation. The purpose of the Foundation is to better the living standards of all the people in the entire globe. He is currently prominent for being the leading trader of all the colleagues that do the same business alongside Forex Trading. His year of birth is 1975 and is very skilled and experienced about the foreign exchange as well as the media concern concerning the international education linked to financial trading.

Before pursuing his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Nottingham, he was given birth to in England specifically Norfolk.

From the year 2010 up to date, his Foundation keeps making efforts to ensure that the duties it engages in remains within the objectives with which the company was formed to accomplish in the course of its operations.

Thomas Cook Financial services are where Greg began his financial industry role. He has since then moved to different institutions playing different roles before reaching the Foundation that he presently operates. This has seen him gain diverse expertise over time which has enabled him to run his Foundation successfully.

Greg Secker is a University of Nottingham’s graduate in the field of Science. Upon retirement from the Mellon Financial Institute, he came across a chance of establishing the Knowledge to Action Group. The entity can be referred to as an umbrella encompassing the other different companies of Greg Secker. Such companies include the Greg Secker Foundation and Learn to Trade. The firms enhance their operations unitedly with the goal of allowing Greg transform people into exceptional traders about improving their living standards.

Additionally, he is not only a great tycoon but also a philanthropist that has gained recognition alongside his worthy endeavors. He was among the named City Philanthropy board’s members in the year 2017. He also came up with a listing of the top two-hundred Most Influential Philanthropists together with Social Entrepreneurs. Unlike the majority, he has a strong belief that being a father is the finest attainment. This is despite his enormous triumph at the business globe as well as having been of assistance to some people in the process.


Dr. Jennifer Walden Brings A Fresh Approach To Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Following her medical studies and surgical training, she completed an aesthetic surgery fellowship at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. In 2011, Dr. Jennifer Walden moved her thriving practice in New York City to her hometown of Austin, Texas.

Dr. Walden is the owner and medical director of Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center in Westlake Hills providing cosmetic surgery procedures and minimally invasive procedures in her own accredited operating suite at Westlake Medical Center. Dr. Walden specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery procedures of the face, breast, and body, such as breast augmentation, liposuction, and rhinoplasty. As a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Walden brings a feminine and fresh perspective to in a field that is male-dominated. As a mother of twins, Dr. Walden saw how her own body changed during her pregnancy, and understands that for many of her patients considering plastic surgery, it is a decision which reflects feelings of insecurity about a certain body feature. An emphasis on patient education coupled with a dedication to offering the highest-quality patient care enables Dr. Walden and her team to offer patients the best results in a safe and optimally equipped environment.

Among her many accolades and distinctions, Dr. Walden is respected for her use and development of advanced technologies. She is credited with the development of instruments used for breast surgery and uses 3-D imaging technology to show a patient’s look before and after surgery. She is the spokesperson for both the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. She also serves on the Board of Directors and is the Vice Commissioner of Communications for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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Eric Lefkofsky Works Well With Businesses

Eric Lefkofsky is a businessman who has worked with many different companies. He sees himself as and is classified as an entrepreneur. He works hard for the businesses that he is a part of and it has given him the chance to do different cancer treatment things in the business that he is in.

When Eric Lefkofsky first started out, he did not know that he would be as successful as what he currently is. He wanted to make sure that he was able to rise above what he came from and this gave him the chance to do things better that what he originally came from. There were many different things that he did not like about humble beginnings but one of the biggest one was the lack of money and the inability for him to be successful if he stayed where he was.

To start his career, Eric Lefkofsky started getting an education. He wanted to learn as much as possible about business and this gave him a chance to learn as much as he could. He wanted to make sure that he was doing different things the right way and this allowed him the chance to improve over what he already had in the way that he did things. There were many ways that he learned in college but he also made sure that he was making best connections possible so that he could be successful after college was over.

The connections paid off for Eric Lefkofsky. He met someone who gave him a great job out of college and he was able to do more with that job than he had ever done before. He sold carpet and learned that he could do a lot of things with his business life. He wanted to make sure that he was doing things with his business and he learned skilled at sales. He chose to take his business to the sales side of things because of the way that things were done in the sales industry that he was a major part of.

After working in carpet sales, he wanted to do something that was much more meaningful. This meant that he made a move to healthcare sales. There were many things that he did with Tempus and he was able to help the business. Not only did he help Tempus improve with the way that they could do things in the healthcare sales industry but the company also helped him to make sure that he was learning as much as possible for the business that he was in. This was something that gave him a start to the career that would grow much larger than he had imagine.

As the current CEO of Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky has come a long way from the beginning of where he was at during the start of his career. In the years that he has been working in sales, he has been able to see a lot of improvement. He wants to make sure that Groupon is the best business possible. He also wants to make sure that he builds a lot of capital for the business. He knows that more money in the business will lead to helping more customers and to growing the business even further.

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Time to Shine: Mexico’s Omar Yunes Clinches the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW)

The 2015 edition of the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) was held in Florence, Italy. It was Mexico’s year of glory, with Omar Yunes of Sushi Itto scooping the main award and Ivan Tamer of Prendamex taking the runners-up position. Omar, who has been with Sushi Itto since he was 21, deservedly won the award due to his exemplary management skills that he demonstrates in running his 13 franchise units. The units account for about 10 percent of all units that operate under Sushi Itto. Over and above that, the units are located in the traditional prime business areas of Mexico, including Veracruz, Puebla, and Mexico City.

What the Award Means to Omar, Sushi Itto, and Mexico

Omar Yunes heads a workforce of over 400 employees. After receiving the award, he dedicated the win to the employees whom he said works hard towards the growth of the brand. He also acknowledged the contribution Sushi Itto towards his success, noting that the brand gives him the flexibility he needs to innovate. The CEO of Sushi Itto, Mr. Benjamin Calcelmo joined Omar in commending the team work exhibited by the entire employee population within the brand. He added that the award capped the fruition of the hard work and dedication that’s put by the staff at Sushi Itto in giving the clients the best customer services in Mexico.

Franchisees from countries in Asia, Latin America, and Europe had attended the award issuing ceremony. Diego Elizarrarras, an executive in the organizing team for BWF Mexico- was also present. After witnessing Omar’s win, he said that Omar had shown his management prowess by enhancing the franchising-franchisee relationship in his 13 franchising units as well as in Sushi Itto as a whole. Diego was proud to have witnessed the growth of Mexico’s franchising sector from a small regional affair to the global stage.

About Omar Yunes

A BFW winner, Omar Yunes has his name inscribed on the list of Mexico’s greatest franchisees. Under Sushi Itto, Omar has sharpened his entrepreneurial skills for 18 years now. Omar was born in Mexico’s Mexico City in 1978 and hails from a lineage with a rich entrepreneurial history.

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