Porfirio Sanchez Galindo

Porfirio Sánchez Galindo The CEO of Grupo Editorial Televisa

Many companies rely on headhunting to get the best talent in the market. The headhunting procedure involves offering employees, working for competitors, better working conditions and payment terms. But, only exemplary employees are a target. This should tell you something about Porfirio Sánchez Galindo, who was being headhunted by the World Bank. At the time, he was working in the lower management of Grupo Televisa. Due to his outstanding performance, recruiters from the World Bank came to request him to join their team. They made him see his real potential and what he was worth and enticed him with better employment terms.

Porfirio Sánchez Galindo being a free-spirited man was considering the move. But, Grupo Televisa was not ready to let go. They countered World Bank’s offer by offering him better terms, including a promotion to the position of Chief Executive Officer of their Editorial segment. He has since been working in this position to date.

He is the man responsible for the development of YOO. This is a product that combines television, internet and telephone, all in one. To develop this product, he collaborated with some of the best journalists in the nation. This way, he was able to come up with a strategy that would easily win the hearts of clients. And, his achievements don’t stop there. Prior and after joining the top level management of Grupo Televisa, the editorial branch is not the same. His keen eye for trends has always seen that Grupo Editorial Televisa is ahead of all the others.

His achievements are a result of a combination of hard work, experience and knowledge. Prior to joining GRupo Televisa, he worked in a prestigious position in the office of the Finance Minister. He was the Chief of Staff from the year 2000 to the year 2006.

Porfirio Sánchez Galindo also boasts of a decorated education resume. He attended The Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico, where he obtained his degree in Applied Math. Later on, he attended Stanford Graduate School of Business where he undertook his executive studies.


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