Preventive Healthcare Offered By Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening services is a company that offers preventive care to everyone. Their services are affordable and dig deeper than the standard yearly physicals. How this works is that a patient fills in an in depth medical evaluation about themselves and their family history. After a thorough consultation and evaluation of the medical form, the appropriate tests are ordered and administered to the patient. Some of the results are given within minutes of the tests. Other results can take up to a few days to get. The results are sent to the patient only. If the results reveal anything, the patient can take the results to their doctor so further testing can be done.

There are various test that Life Line Screening perform. The three most common procedures done are the finger-stick blood test, an EKG, and an ultrasound. The finger-stick procedure is painless. It requires a small prick on the finger and then a few droplets of blood are taken. Various blood tests can be performed by taking droplets of blood. Glucose can be checked, liver enzymes, full lipid panel can be taken, the blood can be checked for C-reactive, and a CBC. These tests offer valuable information to patients on diseases that are starting to show before symptoms are present.

An EKG is used by placing small electrodes in specific areas of the chest. What this test does is check for irregularity in a person’s heart beat. If an irregular heartbeat detected, then early treatment can begin and further damage can be avoided. An irregular heartbeat can be the start of several different cardiovascular conditions.

The ultrasound is a procedure that takes images from the use of high frequency waves. These images can show the insides of a person and allow physicians to see the start of different illnesses. It detects cardiovascular disease, bone density, peripheral arterial disease, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and carotid artery disease.

By utilizing the Life Line Screening services, it can give patients a sense of peace to know that they are staying on top of their health even before the health issues reveal itself to them.

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