Thor Halvorssen Fights for Human Rights

Thor Halvorssen is a respected filmmaker and human rights promoter. The successful lawyer is known to many as the champion of the powerless individuals in the society. Halvorssen started fighting for human rights in 1989 when he was only thirteen years old. He held his first human rights campaign in London when he was opposing the South Africa racial segregation known as apartheid.

Thor Halvorssen got fully involved human rights activities several decades ago when his father become a political detainee in one prison located in Venezuela. The lawyer partnered with several individuals and established the renowned Human Rights Foundation. Before starting the organization, Thor’s mother was shot while participating in a political demonstration. She died from the injuries she sustained from the attack.

The Human Rights Foundation was established to free political detainees. The organization is also dedicated to promoting democracy and political protests in Latin America and other parts of the world. Since it was founded, the institution has successfully managed to secure the freedom of many detainees, obtain evidence for different commissions, publish two books and provide briefs in some of the primary international human rights cases. As the originator and president of the group, Thor has worked hard to ensure that the organization achieves its objectives, despite numerous restrictions from governments.

Thor Halvorssen is the chief executive officer and originator of the well-known Oslo Freedom Forum. The annual international social group is respected for celebrating individuals who fight for the rights of human beings in different parts of the globe. The team has achieved a lot under his leadership.

Thor is believed to be a descendant of the first president of Venezuela, Cristobal Mendoza. His Facebook, He is also a descendant of Oystein Halvorsen, a Norwegian ruler. His family was very prosperous, and he got the best education. After completing his studies, he was selected to become the first executive director and CEO of an institution known as FIRE in the year 1999. As the leader of the association, the lawyer was responsible for shaping coalitions that united the people in the country. Many individuals around the globe benefited from the services provided by the foundation click here.

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