Thor Halvorssen’s Little Known Film Career

Though the globetrotting political activist Thor Halvorssen Mendoza primarily rose to fame through his actions with the Human Rights Foundation, a organization which he both founded and chairs, the Venezuelan anti-socialist advocate has also had nearly as successful career as a film producer. Mr. Halvorssen first got his foot in the door of the world of film back in 2006 with the energetic, erratic documentary, Hammer & Tickle. The film focused upon the usage of humor, specifically satire, during the brutal repression of the dictatorial Soviet Regime in Russia. Halvorssen produced the project and moved on to produce two other subsequent documentaries during the same year, those being Freedom’s Fury and The Singing Revolution. The latter filmed focused again upon the Soviet Union, specifically upon the Estonian occupation and how the Estonian people used songs to communicate potent and hopeful political messages as well as to criticize their oppressors without incurring the ire of the communists. The former film, Freedom’s Fury, focused upon the infamous Olympic polo “Blood Match” between Hungary and the USSR in the 1950’s where tensions ran so high that one of the Russian contestants violently attacked on of the Hungarian players after a losing streak.

Later, in 2007, Mr. Halvorssen produced the feature length film revolved around the lives of sugar cane farmers in the destitute Dominican Republic and how sordid and exploitative the trade as become and what people can do about it. That same year he also produced the documentary film, Indoctrinate U, which used the tagline, “Your education, their politics.” The film explores the ways that political correctness and unquestioning societal doctrine shape public education and suppress free speech and inquiry. Thor Halvorssen in Facebook .

Indoctrinate U is perhaps the most significant film in Mr. Halvorssen’s repertoire, not just for it’s potent and shocking documentation of some of the crazed ideas which are being funneled into the heads of American students (one professor, Noel Ignatiev, is recorded shouting, “Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity!”) but it is also a representation of the fact that though Thor Halvorssen often champion’s liberal causes, his fight against tyranny runs the gamut of the political spectrum. for more.

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