White Shark Media Improves With Each Complaint



White Shark Media provides a lot of digital services to businesses. These include AdWords management, PPC campaigns and so on. But they do not believe in stopping there. They realize that they have to improve all the time. This is why they learn from their mistakes and improve from it. This is the way White Shark Media moves forward constructively.


There are clients who complain that they have lost touch with their AdWords Campaign. This made White Shark Media realize that their reporting procedures were not adequate for the small business owners. They have to be able to review the reports. Besides, even White Shark Media has to let them know what all is happening with their AdWords campaign.


This is why now each client is taken through their new campaign extensively, and all the nuances explained properly. This helps them to know how a specific keyword or an ad is performing and whether it is going in the right direction or not.


There have been complaints of ineffective or incomplete communication from the client.


White Shark Media is a consultancy agency and communication will always be their basic and most important task. This is just like providing a meaningful and sensible result to a client. On delving further, they realized that clients did not know who to contact and they had to go through a receptionist each time.


Hence White Shark Media implemented a monthly meeting where the Client and SEM Strategist review the results of the past 30 days. The monthly report would be sent to the client in advance before the meeting.


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